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By Arrowhead
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In fairness to Gardiner, I can think of one impressive achievement which he has presided over - namely, that of transforming Brent North from a rock-solid Tory area (remember the odious Sir Rhodes Boyson aka the "Minister for Flogging"?) into a seat where Labour now has a majority in excess of 17,000. Although to be perfectly honest, that says more about the shifting demographics of London in the past quarter of a century than it does about Gardiner himself.
By Abernathy
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Daley Mayle wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:45 am
Mr Mogadon. He has the quiet, slightly sibilant voice of a vicar talking to a congregation of five in a backwater church.

Baz does have an unfortunately creepy manner, with a slightly effeminate edge, so that he comes across as a kind of cross between Norman Pace and Julian Clary. The scruffy Len McCluskey style beard (which could, I suppose, be a sort of fan-boy tribute to Jezza), doesn't help either. But the worst of him is his sheer incomprehensibility. He talks absolute bollocks nearly all the time, which often manifests itself in direct contradictions of official party policy (Baz famously described Starmer's six tests as "bollocks"), and he does it in such a pompous way that he sends a shiver up my spine like the sound of fingernails on a blackboard.

Every time he appears on screen I find my internal voice saying " Oh god, not fucking Barrie Gardiner again."

I'm completely bewildered as to why he keeps being put up as a spokesman.
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By youngian
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Gardiner goes way beyond the call of duty in his disdain for the EU and free movement. His suggestion that anyone who tries to defend it will only upset the far right is one of the most pathetic things I’ve heard from the mouth of a Labour MP. And he’s creepy in a Peter Lorre sort of way.
By Timbo
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Atrocious job on Channel 4 debate last night. Made no pretence of having any kind of position on what was being discussed, beyond "we want an election". His voice begins to grate on me after about a minute. There are far better spokespeople in the Labour ranks. Caroline Lucas stole the show, but even JRM put in a more convincing performance than Gardiner. When does this endless shower of political mediocrity end?
By oboogie
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He was also on Any Questions on Friday, called out Maduro, described him as "a tyrant" for shooting protesters and likened the regime to Saudi Arabia. Magic Grandpa's going to be very cross with Barry Bollocks when he finds out.
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By mattomac
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He wasn't bad during the short election period, a Prescott type attack dog, it worked well for that short period. Problem is he is now out there parroting anything the leadership wish to say but can't be arsed to say themselves.

He seems not to have been whipped on Maduro.

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