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An old Mail favourite; Politician goes on better holiday than you do. Barry went by plane and believes in climate change. And a complete hypocrite due to Ed Miliband being a Doncaster MP and Barry once working for him. And I bet Barry's 'junkets' are shite to anyone who doesn't like attending dreary political meetings and having to sit on a plane to get there. Thin gruel.
Hard at work in... Mexico: Miliband's flood supremo basks in 29C on sun-kissed jolly as Britons count the cost of the deluge

Shadow Floods Minister Barry Gardiner flew out to Mexico last week
Red Ed's 'special envoy on climate change' basked in the sun as thousands of British families faced the impact of the devastating floods

The senior MP in charge of Labour’s response to the floods crisis spent last week on an all-expenses-paid junket to a luxury resort in sun-kissed Mexico.

As Britain struggled to recover from the devastating deluge, Shadow Floods Minister Barry Gardiner – who is also Ed Miliband’s ‘special envoy on climate change’ – jetted off to Cancun with his wife.

The £3,650 jolly was paid for by pharmaceuticals tycoon Bharat Shah, a multi-millionaire Labour supporter and friend of Mr Miliband.

Mr Gardiner is a contender for Parliament’s King Of The Junkets.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has established that since he was elected in 1997, the MP has spent an astonishing 157 days on all-expenses-paid foreign trips to exotic places in six continents, at a cost of well over £100,000.

It is the equivalent of spending an entire Parliamentary year abroad. ... 4ko3Ws9gf4
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