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By Tubby Isaacs
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The left isn't playing it very cleverly, is it? Jez walks into the most obvious trap since Andrew Hilditch was hooking bouncers down fine leg's throat. A bunch of others resign from the shadow cabinet on issues where Labour's got no chance of defeating the government. Unite's assistant general secretary signs up to a webinar with Tony Greenstein (eventually withdrawing), and now this from Abbott.

I've some sympathy for RLB (though I was in the minority on that) but overall it looks very like they want their comfort zone back.
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By mr angry manchester
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The left never does. It constantly digs itself into holes of its own making, where 99% of the population think they are a bunch of pricks.

This, then by association, rubs negativity off onto the rest of the party.
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By Bones McCoy
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davidjay wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:50 am
It's a great pity that someone who should have been seen as a trailblazing role-model for so many has spent so much time destroying what should have been her legacy.
Knowing when to quit, is notoriously difficult.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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oboogie wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:34 am

A former Shadow Foreign Secretary appears to think "Uyghur" is a place, and not a people.

Seems like the official name of the area is "Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region", but ""Uyghur" looks an odd way of referring to it. Never heard people say that before.
By davidjay
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oboogie wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:01 pm
She reminds me of a one hit wonder* from the 60s or 70s who is still trading on her one monster song, despite never having produced anything of note since.

*I'm sure you can think of your own examples
And now plays bottom of the bill on nostalgia packages, opening with the follow-up that got to number 34, then twenty minutes of covers and her one hit as the final number.
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By The Weeping Angel
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Would it have killed her to get the correct region? Anyway the loons are out in force defending Abbott. Here are some of the highlights or lowlights.











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