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By Boiler
Figures for the deputy, nicked from the BBC:
Rayner elected deputy leader after third round

Angela Rayner was elected at the third round, with 228,944 first and second preference votes in total, getting her to 52.6%.

Rosena Allin-Khan was the runner up with 118,853 total votes, whilst Richard Burgon came third with 92,643 total votes.

Dawn Butler was knocked out after the first round and therefore came last, whilst Ian Murray was knocked out in the second round.
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:20 am
Planning a motion for the CLP:

"This CLP wholeheartedly welcomes the election of Keir Starmer, the candidate we nominated, and commit ourselves to rebuilding the Labour Party and its standing in the community. We absolutely support his intention to root out antisemitism. We call upon those members who once belonged to parties that stood against the party to leave and go back to the piss-drenched holes that they came from, and there fester in their own ideological filth until a merciful reaper makes them utterly irrelevant."

The wording may change. Slightly.
It needs to. That first half's a bit wishy-washy.
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:21 am
First vote that has gone the way I’ve wanted in bloody ages. Hopefully not the last for a while either.
That's exactly how I feel as well. Apart from Sadiq Khan winning in 2016, the past few years have basically been one long, uninterrupted torrent of crap, culminating of course in the ultimate raging shitstorm late last year.

I suppose GE2017 was a lot of fun at the time, but ultimately amounted to another defeat and the falsest of false dawns for Labour.
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By Cyclist
Membership Days Posts
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:25 am
Possibly. They may see that there is no future for their idiocy.
I'm hoping Starmer will offer them an olive branch. "You have much to offer, Labour is a broad church" &c &c. knowing that as the CLPs start haemorrhaging the Wino-Tendency, the CLPs will most likely deselect them in time for the next election anyway.

Instead of having them flounce out and face the uncertainty of by-elections, they'll be placeholding for Labour while the Tories are obtaining the required length of hemp to hang themselves.
I would imagine that Rosena Allin-Khan will be very pleased with her showing - it looks like Labour have uncovered a future star, right at a time where they desperately need to.

She ended up absolutely wiping the floor with Burgon, despite him having such a massive advantage over her organisationally.
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By Cyclist
Membership Days Posts
Added to my last:

I've just realised they don't have to call by-elections, they could just choose to sit as independents. Or worse, announce they're now representing the SWP. Both are to be avoided at all costs, if only because both options would reduce Labour's presence in the House even more.
By Boiler
Arrowhead wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:05 am
It seems that a good day might be about to get even better: ... elections/
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Sienna Rodgers at Labour List:
Corbynsceptics backed by Progress and Labour First groups have swept the board in the Labour Party’s ruling national executive committee by-elections.

Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan have been chosen to replace Corbynites Navendu Mishra and Claudia Webbe as local party representatives on the NEC.

Carol Sewell has been elected by Labour members as the new NEC BAME rep, and will replace former MP Keith Vaz who recently stood down.

In another huge victory for Corbynsceptics today, all three candidates were endorsed by Blairite group Progress and ‘old right’ organisation Labour First.

Full results for CLP reps:

JOSAN, Gurinder Singh – 57,361 – ELECTED
BAXTER, Johanna – 57,181 – ELECTED
TOWNSEND, Lauren – 56,929
BIRD, Jo – 46,150
DRENNAN, Leigh – 30,021
WRIGHT, Cecile – 25,008
SHERRIFF, Paula – 21,088
WILLIAMS, Trish – 10,826
APPS, Peter – 10,071
HOBSON, Deborah – 8,974
WEBB, Chris – 8,413
DENT, Fiona – 7,420
ELLISON, Adam – 6,322
COLLINS, Alexa – 5,669
MIDDLETON, Rick – 4,582
SUTTON, Ray – 4,248
JOHNSTON, Mick – 3,947
OWLADI, Peyman – 2,459

Full results for BAME rep:

SEWELL, Carol – 39.76% – ELECTED
MISHRA, Navendu – 27.45%
JACKMAN, Jermain – 10.66%
AHMED, Hassan – 4.72%
OYEWUSI, Lola – 3.44%
AKHTAR, Fozia – 2.66%
WOOLLEY, Iram – 2.63%
DASGUPTA, Rohit K – 2.15%
SINGH, Rupinder – 2.13%
IQBAL, Chaudhry Qamer – 1.77%
ALI, Shaukat – 1.21%
RAWF, Aram – 0.88%
DEINALI, Omide – 0.53%

Full members who joined the party before November 12th, 2019, were entitled to vote in the internal contests, which ran alongside the UK Labour leader and deputy leader races.

Multiple slates were put forward by organisations belonging to the Labour left, however, with Momentum and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy backing different candidates.

Leigh Drennan and Lauren Townsend were endorsed by Momentum as potential local party representatives, while the Corbynite network backed Navendu Mishra MP for BAME rep.

CLPD chose also to endorse Lauren Townsend, but favoured Cecile Wright over Drennan on the basis that the previous CLP reps should be replaced by at least one BAME activist.

Jo Bird was endorsed by Jewish Voice for Labour, Labour Left Alliance and Labour Representation Committee, while Deborah Hobson was supported by LRC plus Grassroots Black Left.

Peter Apps, Alexa Collins, Fiona Dent, Adam Ellison, Mick Johnston, Rick Middleton, Peyman Owladi, Paula Sheriff, Ray Sutton, Chris Webb and Trish Williams all ran as independent candidates.
Quite a day especially with the NEC results. I feel a huge weight lifted rather than celebration. A long road ahead but at least the car’s now going.

If you put yourself in Tory strategist shoes then you’re used to seeing them laughing. I can’t see an upside for them today. I’d be surprised if even Aunt Mabel from Clacton would choose to phone Funtime Boris over Starmer if this crisis deepens.
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Good to see grown-ups back in charge.

Starmer has the luxury of a few months to "play himself in" (to borrow a cricketing term).

Supportive "advisory best friend" stuff will be the order of the day during the Covid-19 crisis.
A chance to play the statesman, while brandishing his forensic skills.

I hope he will have his cabinet lined up before we're back to business as usual.
I'd like to think a purge of the anti-semites would follow.
it's long overdue, and would put significant distance between Starmer-led Labour and the old Corbyn regime.
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I know it's only Twitter, but the absolute fucking slaughtering Momentum are getting is the most heatening thing I've read for a long while. There are so many more of us than I thought, and we noobs owe such a debt of gratitude to the likes of Malcom and Abers (apologies to other lomg-standing members I've left out) who kept going in the face of such opposition, provocation and downright stupidity to emerge triumphant. We've won one small battle; there are much bigger ones to come but I feel that we might, just possibly, be on a roll from now on.
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