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Fascinating stuff. So RLB, having secured virtually a forty five percent share during the first round of voting, added a mere ten votes upon Thornberry’s elimination, and precisely zero votes when Nandy departed the contest. Which perfectly illustrates the pattern being reported across plenty of other CLP’s recently.

My theory of Nandy’s votes being split equally between Starmer and RLB has been well & truly blown out of the water.
Looks like Jennie Karie and the rest are getting desperate. ... ty-reports
"We are still awaiting the party’s formal response to the serious concerns we and others had about access to Labour Party membership data."

The row demonstrates how bitter the battle between bookies' favourite Sir Keir and Mrs Long-Bailey - seen as the leadership's favoured candidate - has become.

A senior Labour source told PoliticsHome: "The Labour Party under Jennie Formby and Karie Murphy’s sectarian leadership have reported Keir’s team for a story which showed that RLBs team had unauthorised access to the membership system.

"Rather than respond to the complaint or investigate they’ve reported Keir’s team to the ICO and then leaked it to the BBC.

"This is a politically-motivated attack trying to use the resources and standing of the national party to effect the result of the Labour leadership.

"Labour Party members will want to know that she has reported herself and the LP for the original breach and ensured it cannot happen again.

"This is yet again another example of targeting junior members of staff for political motives, a pattern of behaviour that has sadly become all too commonplace in the Labour Party under the current general secretary.

"This whole process has been designed to intimidate. It’s the type of internal culture party members have had enough of."

A Labour Party spokesperson said: "The Labour Party takes its legal responsibilities for data protection – and the security and integrity of its data and systems – extremely seriously.

"We have written to all leadership candidates to remind them of their obligations under the law and to seek assurances that membership data will not be misused."
I believe it would backfire spectacularly. All of Starmer’s support would switch to Nandy, and I suspect she’d pick up even more out of sheer indignation at their behaviour.

RLB can lose a fair fight, or lose an unfair one. They’ll have to figure out a way to ban every other candidate for her to win at this stage.
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And she could kiss goodbye to any future jobs.

Corbynites, loyalty and integrity, eh?
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Keir Starmer is heavily odds on favourite (1/7) to become new Labour leader. RLB 9/1 second fave.

Asking this out of lack of knowledge; is Keir good enough to give Boris a torrid time every week at PMQ? And I mean every single week! Not now and then. Constantly!! Is he up there with Blair as an Opposition leader, potentially?
But he's a TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER! Sound familiar, groovers?

Sunday, 9 February 2020
Keir Starmer Hit Job BACKFIRES ... fires.html
People who wear woolly wigs are the enemies of the people now, though.
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