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But Kit Corbyn could never have written The Jew of Malta, could he?
Thou hast committed fornication
But that was in another country,
And besides, the wench is dead.
Almost appropriate...

And Faustus. Selling our soul for worldly gain?
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By Boiler
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Sat Feb 15, 2020 9:13 pm
I thought Jez looked pretty trim and smart in his suit. The problem was the 30 odd years worth of photos looking like a scruffy Geography teacher.
He reminded me of the occasions Albert Steptoe was forced into his blue pinstripe suit.
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They both also managed to work for the party under incredible salaries for an extra half a year after they should have been fired, given resignation - and some level of dignity - seems to be beyond them.

It’s getting really fucking desperate, clearly. Burgon so keen to gather up Corbynistas, he’s promising a bloody encore. Long Bailey so worried about slipping behind Nandy, she’s now making out competence and an awareness of how you come over is detrimental. Also this:
Speaking about Starmer, Lisa Nandy, and Emily Thornberry, Long-Bailey said: "So far I haven't seen any answers to any of the questions that we are facing.

"A vision. A big idea for what the future might look like."
There are plenty of answers and lots of vision. RLBs issue is the answers are “don’t do it like Corbyn” and none of the visions involve her.
The anger over Starmer’s Brexit stance is that from the start it was the correct one, backed by the majority of the membership, and Labour could have hoovered up the remain vote literally years ahead of the 2019 GE had they led the charge.

Instead, they dithered about for ages, then came up with a fudge that was easily framed as abdication of responsibility coupled with dragging things on. And by that stage no one believed Corbyn anyway, and rightly so as mr 7/10 was still getting misty eyed over his assumption he’d walk into no. 10 and be able to wheel out lexit to a grateful nation. But despite the utter rejection, because it was the great one’s policy if you questioned it or seeked to steer another course, you were in the wrong.
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They did fairly well on the Remain vote, when you adjust for the overarching disaster that was the leadership, the front bench and the manifesto. Though arguably they got very lucky with Swinson mucking up so badly.

I reckon the bigger damage (outside Scotland) was done by the ditheriness you mention, putting off Leave voters who might have fallen in behind "Let's have a look at this Boris deal and see if that £350m a week appears".
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