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By Tubby Isaacs
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I don't think Essex Man cares about Tory government borrowing at all, any more than Trump's base of "budget hawks" do. Sajid Javid does, no doubt, but is he going to push the matter if Johnson threatens him with the "Ministry of Latrines" (Copyright David Mellor who said Damian Green would be lucky to get the job under Mrs Thatcher).
By Bones McCoy
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Dec 17, 2019 6:00 pm
The Tories gained Wakefield with a gay Muslim candidate. Maybe he's the sort of gay Muslim who doesn't "ram it down our throats" or something.
Littlejohn head asplode.
By mr angry manchester
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I can see, to a point, where they are coming from on this, but I don't think it will be successful and will be yet another illustration of the kind of factional division which afflicts the left/Labour.

The thinking is that Labour has lost support among working class voters so let's try and aim at what they want us to be.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are pretty gammonish in their views on things like race and law and order and so on, and a party of the left will, rightly, not entertain this kind of direction.

It will end up falling between every possible stool and failing to make any impact.

In a way, you can see the logic, the Corbyn approach has been a dismal failure, so let's try something different, but I don't think it will work, and as has been said, will tip voters towards the lib dems most likely
By Kreuzberger
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Where would people like this be without their iconic white cliffs?
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Luckily, Paul still finds time to bring his straight talking economic genius to the issues of the day.

While others have been ripping Patel's understanding of the labour market", Paul doubtless foresees care workers chilling in bed while their bosses frantically phone up telephone number wage offers.
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Virtue signalling at its least finessed.