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By Tubby Isaacs
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I must admit, I've thought recently that there might be diminishing returns from the knee. But equally of course, you can argue that it carries on till things are fixed.

But you'd have to be an an absolute moron to think booing was appropriate. What's so difficult about keeping quiet for a couple of seconds?

As you say, what's special about this group's feelings? Why have we got to understand them? We're in Trumpers in diners territory, except the Trumpers would be less obnoxious.
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By Boiler
Picking the data to match their agenda of course.
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So if we include those with pre-existing conditions, just shy of 3,600 people under 60 have died.

(Data taken from ... -file.xlsx)
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By Tubby Isaacs
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It's a nonsense. My wife worked on a Covid ward till recently, as you know. Was I supposed to wave her off in March for as long as it took? Or move in (where?) with her for as long as it took?

As it happens, she got Covid fairly soon. So what then? She and I could move back home? As long as she didn't infect all the healthcare workers in Embery's camp first...
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