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Would you vote for the LibDems again next time around?

Probably not
By youngian
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Or Twickenham, or Sutton and Cheam, or Kingston.

Though I think in Twickers they'll need a new candidate. Ol' Vince isn't cutting it, from what I hear.
He seems to be losing the plot. He was advocating the end of FoM a couple of months back for pretty woeful reasons that didn't stack up. Now he spends time at Brexit conferences explaining what an economic disaster that no deal from the EU would bring. Brought about by refusing to embrace FoM.
By Silkyman
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Seeing a lot of people on twitter getting angry at the Lib Dems, and claiming they are tainted from their time in coalition.

They propped up the bastard tories, and should never be trusted again, basically.

But if we can't vote for Corbyn, because he's doffed his cap and waved through hard brexit (and for me, that is why he needs to fuck off and then fuck off some more), and we can't vote Lib Dem because they spent five year stopping the tories being quite as much of a bunch of bastards as they wanted to be, then who the fuck can we vote for to stop... This.

All of this.

By lord_kobel
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You vote lib dem for the current situation, because they're the least cuntish at the moment, but never forget that they're to blame for a large chunk of how shit "all of this" is.
By mattomac
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Yeah this is going hurt, also that tweet that he claimed was hacked into his account will probably resurface.

Personally I couldn't care a jot the fact that Farron is open to a Tory coalition and Cable isn't open to a Labour coalition even though he admits it won't happen pretty much secured where my vote is heading.
Ive decided I have got to go with the LDs. Its just a case of there being nothing else, like when you read the label on the Domestos bottle while having a big dump....
By Andy McDandy
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It's a fart in the wind around my neck of the woods (Luciana Berger will get back in comfortably), but I have to admit that at least the LDs are standing for something.

As for Farron and the allegations about him? If that's all they've got and they're running with it now, I'd take that as a good sign.
I'm not bothered about allegations against Farron, its just the usual Tory media tactics, attack someone personally, its easier than the difficult stuff like policy.
By bluebellnutter
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At least if the LDs end up with the Tories then we can wave Hard Brexit goodbye.
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