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By youngian
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Banks is at it as well getting touchy about the Russia investigation. And some homophobic dog whistling thrown in as well.

Arron Banks‏
So bent @BenPBradshaw & @RhonddaBryant how much money did you take from Open Democracy and George Soros @carolecadwalla

David Lammy‏ @DavidLammy
Arron your dog whistle homophobia is as disgusting and it is cowardly.

Arron Banks‏
I understand you are in the George Soros open democracy club too...birds of a feather flock together ..

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By cycloon
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All media is the same
All political interest is the same
All 'bias' is the same

Let's not think
Let's just stamp and scream

I am confused as to what Soros is supposed to be doing. E.g., Promoting liberalism (in its fullest, broadest sense - democracy, free press, etc) in ex-Communist countries is an inherent good. That is substantively different to Russian promotion of discord to serve their own national interest.
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By youngian
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I am confused as to what Soros is supposed to be doing. E.g., Promoting liberalism (in its fullest, broadest sense - democracy, free press, etc) in ex-Communist countries is an inherent good. That is substantively different to Russian promotion of discord to serve their own national interest.

Full blown 'citizen of nowhere': Jewish background, made his money in finance but is urbane and cosmopolitan rather than a far-right spiv and spends his money promotes liberal international institutionalism over rising nativism. What is there not to hate for the Orbans, Farages and Bannons of this world?
By The Red Arrow
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Arnold wrote:
Nigel Farage drops claim about Hope not Hate being 'violent' in face of libel threat - Politics live
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/bl ... itics-live" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Nigel Farage 'forced to retract remarks about anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate after losing £100k legal battle'

Ukip leader agrees to withdraw claims that anti-hate group are 'violent and undemocratic'

Ben Kentish
Tuesday 14 November 2017 16:16 GMT

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 54276.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Daniel Sandford‏Verified account @BBCDanielS

After being sued for libel by @hopenothate, @Nigel_Farage tells the court in a statement "Having now considered the position further I am happy to acknowledge that Hope not Hate does not tolerate or pursue violent or undemocratic behaviour."
7:16 am - 14 Nov 2017
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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I wanted you to be the first to know:

Nigel Farage has acknowledged that his remarks about HOPE not hate were untrue and has promised to never repeat them again.

As you will recall, we were due to present our case to the High Court this week.

Instead, after many months in dogged pursuit of the truth, we have emerged victorious. And there is no understating what a significant victory this is.

We took on this fight because for too long politicians like Farage and Trump have been able to say what they want with impunity - regardless of its accuracy or consequences. But we said no more.

We wanted to make sure that if they say something untrue and damaging - they're going to have to answer for it.

This is a victory not only for HOPE not hate, but for everyone who has come up against right wing attacks and smears.

We could never have taken on this case alone. Our courage and conviction to pursue this action was in no small part down to the vast number of people who demonstrated their support and said "we'll stand with you" as we took on the difficult task of fighting for justice.

And in true HOPE not hate form, our victory came from our collective strength. Your donations powered and sustained us as Farage tried to run out the clock and have our case thrown out of court. You stepped up time and again to allow us to continue this important fight.

Myself and the entire HOPE not hate organisation are so grateful to the 16,432 incredibly generous supporters who made this possible.

Join with us in celebrating this momentous occasion - share our victory far and wide on Facebook and Twitter now!



We emerge from this victory with renewed motivation. Let this be a message to anyone out there who engages in false news and smears - we will take you on, and we will win.

We'll be in touch soon with more about our plans to make this victory count.

Thank you so much,

By Messianic Trees
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According to the Guardian,
the former Ukip leader has put out a statement disputing Hope not Hate's account of what happened. In it Farage said:

"I am very surprised at Hope not Hate's announcement today that they have won their legal case against me. Some victory! Their statement today is thoroughly disingenuous.

It is the case that we've now resolved our dispute and I am perfectly happy to accept that the organisation doesn't pursue violent or undemocratic means. But the fact is that a number of individuals claiming to support them have in the past behaved violently and sought to intimidate and disrupt lawful political meetings.

This is a case Hope not Hate should never have brought and which has been a complete waste of their donors' money. Despite them demanding up to £100,000 in damages I have not paid them a penny; they demanded an apology that I have not given; and they demanded an undertaking to the court which they did not get. In addition, they have been forced to pay me thousands in costs, on top of the tens of thousands they will have had to pay for their own legal fees."

Hope not Hate responded by saying Farage was "picking at straws". A spokesperson said that, because the two sides reached a settlement before the case went to court for a full hearing, each side paid their own costs. The spokesperson said Farage was referring to a half-day hearing on a technicality, the costs for which were split 50/50.
By Messianic Trees
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Former mistress of Nigel Farage reveals she was one of THREE lovers to rush to his bedside after he escaped death in horror plane crash
His mistress of 10 years Annabelle Fuller says staff battled to hide his infidelity
She says after the crash aides were sent to keep her out of sight of his wife
French waitress Laure Ferrari was another of the women vying for his attention

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... crash.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Ms Fuller knows that, without her help, Mr Farage would never have earned his place in history today as a major political player.

'I created brand Nigel, man of the people,' she insists. 'He relied on me, but I feel he kicked me to the kerb when I became a problem.

'Being a mistress was the worst decision I ever made. It belittled me. It dehumanised me.

'Teflon Nigel just earned a reputation for being a ladies man – nudge, nudge, wink, wink.'
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