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Would you vote for the LibDems again next time around?

Probably not
By Abernathy
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I understand Swinson declined to stand for Lib Dem leader, possibly because she regarded the post at the current time as, to quote LBJ on the post of VPOTUS, "not worth a pitcher of warm piss".

She was probably right.

As to why Humphrys is still there, fuck knows.
By bluebellnutter
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He's there because I imagine it'd be too difficult to get rid of him. Plus the BBC has dispensed with older male newsreaders before now (Sissons / Buerk) and they won straight to the welcoming arms of the Mail screaming "Lefties want to silence me as a middle aged white man". Humphrys you can add Brexit to his gripe.
By Bones McCoy
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Congrats to Vince Cable for causing so many Brexiteers to lose their shit.

Last night's radio phone-in was quite a hoot.
Every "Diskusted of Grate Brittan" caller quoted a couple of verses form the Dacre playbook before knee-jerking into "The country is being overrun".
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By bluebellnutter
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Brexiters are happy enough to label everyone who disagrees with them traitors and enemies of the people. Don't see any reason not to fight fire with fire.
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