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By davidjay
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Andy McDandy wrote:Well, they've realised that the Kip has hoovered up the 'I'm not racist but...' crowd, so they may as well concentrate on the die hards. In a way it's 1979 all over again.
More like pre-Griffin, when they were more extreme than the NF.
By davidjay
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Gentlefish wrote:I fear that they shall miss Master Griffin. He was pretty much the only vaguely human representative which they have ever had, and even then he shredded their reputation in 2009. Still, he could cook a mean stew...
On what planet would Griffin be even vaguely human?
By D.C. Harrison
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davidjay wrote:On what planet would Griffin be even vaguely human?
Everything's relative. He could at least string a few words together and dress himself, which is more than can be said for the rest of the pond life in the BNP.
By davidjay
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Esqui wrote:Fuck me, I did not expect that. Some things you just never think possible, but this has thrown me: The BNP has a conduct committee??
It's been coming for some time. He shat on them on the way up, they got their own back on the way down. https://m.bnp.org.uk/news/national/nick ... membership" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Mailites showing their true colours, too.
Raven, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
"Inciting racial hatred" DM? Goodness, it doesn't take much to be found guilty of doing that these days does it. All you need do is tell the truth comrade.
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John4, London, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
Many ex members of the BNP are returning to the fold even before this. I myself have rejoined the party having failed to stay out of politics with all that is going on. No other party would have managed to speak for me and my concerns about what is happening in Britain today. Many years ago I was a Conservative activist but had to give that up when Thatcher lied about controlling immigration all those years ago. I would like to wish Mr Griffin luck and thank him for all the positive things he did for the BNP. However we have to move forward and continue to raise awareness that there is another way for this country other than that offered by the present Westminster parties.
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nick, london, 7 hours ago
Griffin was the only one to expose the Rotherham scandal; 15 years ago! The response was to arrest him for racism not to deal with the problem. How many young girls have needlessly suffered in all those years when they could have acted at the time it was exposed? PC is more important to these people than 12 year olds being gang raped - tells you all you need to know about liberals.
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