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By Big Arnold
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At his sentencing, Robinson's lawyer Charles Sherrard QC said the defendant was at risk from attack in prison by Muslim inmates and disgrunted EDL supporters who bore a grudge for leaving the movement last year.
How many are there in prison?
By ezinra
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Karl Young from an RC Science College seemingly unaware of the centuries of anti-catholic prejudice that hid behind his own "in the pocket of foreigners" conspiracy theory.

Andrew Neil (was that a homage from his parents?) Tunstall financing his bigotry via Cyprus, where Muslims really have been "put in a different prison to other people". And how has that worked out?
By davidjay
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2000 years ago Britain worshipped Taranis, its native storm god. Since then Norse invaders brought Thor, their own storm god, then Christian missionaries brought Yahweh, their storm god (or 'the Christian god' as its now come to be known, 'God' was not always a creator god, he evolved). It is judgement on Britain that we have allowed our spiritual lives to be tainted by these immigrant deities. Vote UKIP to return Britain to it's pre-Roman pure state!
Nargle, god of war.
By Bones McCoy
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The Nargle is a creature that Luna Lovegood and Xenophilius Lovegood believe exists, though not many others do. The Nargle is known to infest mistletoe[1] and to be a mischievous thief[2]. Luna Lovegood claims that her Butterbeer cork necklace and her Dirigible plum earrings keep the Nargles away and that her papers and shoes were taken by Nargles.
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