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By Agnes
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Well, what else are they going to spend it on (apart from beer, obviously)?

The last SDL demo in Edinburgh was about 20 people who all got out of a coach and started waving a massive English flag (honestly) at the counter-demonstrators, then buggered off after a couple of hours. The press reported that there were a hundred of them to three hundred of us (actually around 700 by my reckoning, but what would I know), which was fucking farcical considering the fact that the SDL came in a minibus.
By Ebon Badger
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"Only 5 of us are from Rotherham" I'm so happy about that- I hail from South Yorkshire and always cringe a bit when places I know end up in the news for dumb shit and this business is awful enough as it is without this lot taking advantage. Also, I don't get how someone can actively complain about being called a nazi when their sodding logo has swastikas on it :lol:
By The Red Arrow
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Here's hoping a corporate lawyer is on the case...
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By shyamz
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Big Rob wrote:My Scottish facebook mate says that the EDL and BNP are heading to Glasgow.

That's bound to end well.
What do they hope to achieve by doing that? Are they automatically assuming Glasgow's desire for Scotland to be independent goes hand in hand with self-interested racism? If so that's rather insulting to the Glaswegians they hope to pal up with.
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