Discussion of other UK political parties
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I have lived under a Lib Dem Council for quite large parts of my life and I doubt I ever would vote Lib Dem at that level again.

I had two good local Lib Dem Mps who have been quite vocal in government but I couldn't vote for them ethier having remained in government with the other lot. I did write No but never say never but it's unlikely, perhaps in Europe but I defaulted to Greens last time around as the Labour MEP's were useless and quite ignorant.
Living in central Scotland there are 3 other parties to choose from - and Labour will always win my seat.
I can think of no issue that wouldn't be handled better by another party - not just stuff I support, but almost any political programme.

The truth of the matter for the Libdems will be whether their vote stands up in the highlands and Islands.
I've got a Lib Dem councillor who is very good. Would vote for her. She's the only one in Tower Hamlets, and post-dates the nasty shit they did here in the 80s-90s.

If I lived in Cheltenham still, I'd have to vote for them again.

Otherwise, no.

It's funny this Cornwall/Islands thing with the Lib Dems. Jo Grimmond made some speech calling for "men of substance" (or some similarly pompous phrase). As Ian Gilmour observed, Grimmond didn't explain why such men were particularly concentrated around Lerwick.
We only just got LD last time, by less than 200 votes. It's a split between Tory and LD here, I'm disappointed with LDs, but don't want to vote Tory.

Labour are always a distant third, so that would be a wasted vote.

If only there was a different voting system, an alternative ballot of some kind that better allowed me to show my true preferences. Oh well, without it I don't know who I'll vote for. Not voting LD (whether that's not voting at all, or voting for someone else) is essentially a vote for the Tories here.
Never say never, but unlikely to vote for them at the next general election. This seat was one the LDs couldn't get close to winning even when they were at their strongest and it was a key target (the decapitation policy), so I can't see them coming close again. And Labour are an irrelevance here. There may be an increasing Green vote, which will be interesting.

I did vote LD at the local elections this year, but i'm not sure that anyone other than LD and Conservatives actually stood.

I may vote UKIP.

Just kidding, but hopefully it gave Emmett a bit of a buzz.
Where I live the council currently swops between Lib Dem and the Conservatives regularly. The Lib Dems are not great but the Conservatives are definitely worse. The one exception is an ongoing local issue about redevelopment of a site by the river which has been degenerating into an ever-worsening eyesore for the last 25 years - the only people who have ever managed to do anything about it have been the conservatives because for some reason the LDs are hell-bent on selling the land off to property developers to build luxury flats and yet more restaurants in an area which is already chock-full of bloody restaurants, and their plans meet pretty united opposition. It's that sort of stupidity which really puts me off them and, locally, I think I may well vote Green next time round.

For the general election, not sure; I feel that my vote was wasted last time as I sure as hell didn't vote to put the conservatives in, but I suppose it depends on what happens by then and whether we can be reasonably sure there's no chance of a repeated coalition, which does seem somewhat likely.
Personally, I think the Lib Dems might end up back where they were in the '60s, wuith about half a dozen MPs come the next election. I dont think they have that much core support, they are largely a protest vote by disgruntled and/or tactical Labour voters, ie like myself at the last 2 elections, as a Labour voter in a very safe Tory seat.

I think too that there is a good chance that Clegg will be out too, his constituency has a quite large student population who will punish him over tuition fees.

I voted for them last time to hopefully keep the tories out, next time I will just go back to Labour, even though its a wasted vote (Tatton)
I see Shirley Williams doing her best impression of pretending that the Lib Dems are not to be in government, they really have this down to a tee because I forgot they were for a few months espically around when the phone hacking scandal broke.
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