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By Dan
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I understand she wants to win an election so he has to be bullish but if she genuinely means it, my initial assessment of her as a hopeless virtue signaller who just wants to be worshiped in an hardcore Remain echo chamber will be absolutely true.

She may argue that Corbyn has put his ideological purity above practical solutions to the crisis (you can argue that is true) but one will be convincingly be able to argue that she is doing exactly the same thing if she refuses to work with him should Labour become the largest party.

I also wonder, however, if this is just politics and she will eventually give him her support for his anti austerity agenda in return for a flat out revoke and whether he will take it should that be offered.
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By Abernathy
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:44 pm
Is Swinson safe from the SNP in her seat? She ought to get a few tactical unionist votes, but won't a few Unionists be Brexiters?
I expect that the Lib Dems will be flooding Swinson's seat with organisers and activists to stave off the treat.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Doubtless they will, but aren't they supposed to be off winning back the Borders? In vote share terms, it might be a reasonable policy but in terms of seats, are there anything like enough Cheltenhams (ie Remain marginals with competitive Lib Dems)? Can't see that there is.

I mean, it could just be coincidence that this follows right after the LDs going full revoke. But it was polled before Corbyn's decision to remain nailed to the fence, so could see an even bigger shift.

Regardless, shows how idiotic his policy is.

EDIT: why that clause 4 tweet is embedded in the other tweet is anyone's guess
By Arrowhead
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From a Remain/Progressive point of view, that poll offers absolutely nothing to be happy about whatsoever. All I can see from those numbers is a sizeable Tory landslide victory, with Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Francois etc inheriting the "riches" of the immeadiate post-Brexit landscape.

Or in other words, we'd all be fucked.
I'm getting massively hacked off by (mainly) Labour supporters (and of that, mostly Corbyn fans) trying to pin Swinson saying no to a Corbyn-led govt of unity as selfish and stupid. It's not, because even if she was all over it like a rash it wouldn't happen as the ex-Tories etc will not support him, and the moment she says yes the Tories have "Vote Lib Dem, get Corbyn" as a campaign slogan.

He's not going to be caretaker PM. The LDs being for or against that has no effect on that. Corbyn needs to get his fucking ego out of the equation and support another, temporary, candidate. It's not even in his best interests - someone neutral would be a far better prospect for the forthcoming GE campaign. The tories/BXP would make the most of PM Corbyn delaying brexit for a GE and then a referendum and Corbyn would have a much harder time with his preferred fence-sitting (so even from his own wrong policy, it's a wrong move). They'd have a much harder time of making it about remoaners with e.g. Ken Clarke.
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By Arrowhead
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Well said. The electoral consequences of a Corbyn-led caretaker government don't bear thinking about, especially as it'd very quickly get pinned with the blame for the inevitable economic downturn which is probably just round the corner. Far better to give Clarke or Beckett a tap on the shoulder and then keep a respectful difference.

In an alternate reality, Margaret Hodge would be under consideration for the top job as well.
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