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By Arrowhead
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On the subject of Angela Smith, her selection as the LD candidate to contest Graham Brady's Altrincham and Sale West seat at the next election is a bit of an odd one, not least because she doesn't (from what I can tell) seem to have any really connection with the area. The Greens are actually very strong locally, and I had originally assumed this would be a seat where the Remain Alliance might allow them a rare opportunity at unseating an incumbent Tory. The Greens certainly seem to have lepfrogged the LD's as the primary Remain party there, depending on how on earth you categorise Labour nowadays.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I know it's one poll, and it's something of a special case, but this is striking.

Could there be more scope for third to first Lib Dem surges in strongly pro-Remain areas? Lots of strong Remain support is closely associated with not liking Corbyn at all. Maybe he can shift that in the campaign, but maybe not.
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By KevS
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Of course, mention of the Finchley constituency does make certain members of the Conservative Party go all misty eyed, so it would be chucklesome if that happened.
By Tubby Isaacs
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So it should be. They're chucking away votes by attacking Corbyn too much. And they don't even talk up their Coalition success properly. The Climate Change stuff was perfectly respectable. Why not be talking about it? Do what Cameron did Hit your potential voters with "imagine what we could do in our own right".
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