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orangytangy wrote:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15083475

Just thought I'd highlight an article from the BBC today.

Apparently the BNP has 'normal' people in it. Doesn't excuse them for being xenophobic bigots though.
Aren't they just working class people who have been fucked over by the Labour party.
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You know all those people barred from standing for election as police commissioners because of some minor youthful indiscretion? Well, turns out some indiscretions weren't so minor...

Griffin then calls for a boycott of the elections, saying that whoever wins will be in thrall to Labour paymasters etc. Oh well.
A little anecdote here. I think this was at a fairly recent general election, possibly
possibly 2005 or 2001. Anyway, the count for all the Birmingham seats was being
held at the National Indoor Arena in the city centre. Basically, the arena has a vast
central area around which is a sort of great big circular undercroft around which
people walk to get to the part of the arena they want to get to. I was walking along
around this undercroft with a bunch of other easily identifiable Labour bods (rosettes, badges,you know the drill). Coming towards us was a BNP candidate (rosette, but oddly
no suit and tie - this was before the BNP got wise to the M&S suit look),
but the usual identifying characteristics of thick neck, tattoos, and permanent scowl). His partner was at least a foot taller than him, anorexically thin, and had more tattoos, as well as a significant number of facial piercings.

As we walked towards each other and BNP boy clocked us, he - completely without provocation, snarled "FUCK OFF!" at us, practically spitting venom. It was utterly, utterly weird, and not something any of us was expecting, but it, shall we say, reinforced our view of the BNP and its typical supporters.

My experience since then of the BNP at election counts is that they now appear nicely suited and booted in smart M &S suits and ties, but from the neck up, it's still a dead giveaway - the same thick-necked, crew-cut, snarl.

They are quite, quite, horrible.
Jeremy "Fucking off" Corbyn.

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