Discussion of other UK political parties
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By youngian
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Boiler wrote:
Sat Jun 13, 2020 1:30 pm
Fenton is suggesting that his replacement could be Ash Sarkar.

https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2020/0 ... u-bet.html
If that’s true then LBC has had a sea change in its listenership. Iain Dale is a safe pair of hands to move the drive time slot. A Tory who doesn’t trot out borderline racist and homophobic bollocks.
By mattomac
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To be honest the last thing I think Boris has done is lost control of the Exit of the EU, the desire to plough on with no deal is what many of what his lot wanted, though potentially not him deep down.

He has no doubt lost control of everything else but the exit on The EU seems his perfect wet dream.
By Watchman
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Yes, why would the electorate still need the Brexit Party. Even if it's not going to Nigel's liking, he has no political placement to make any difference what so ever, so to me looks like just another scam.
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