Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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He'd be fucking deluded to believe that. Trump has always dumped him, like he does with all the other useful idiots who've served their purpose. Farage will be sitting by the phone for a very long time, especially as it seems his only way of getting Trump to notice him now is going on Fox News to pass messages to him.
By Abernathy
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"Ooh Ahhh, oooh, ahhh. Right, right, here we go... just let me get my condom on...."

****rustle rustle rustle unwrapping sounds ******

"Ermmm, you know what? Let's just forget it."
By Zuriblue
Normally you put the condom on the bell end not the other way round.

(C) David Lammy.
By bluebellnutter
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To be fair, the two words I most associate with condoms are "dick" and "cunt". So maybe Nigel isn't the biggest jump of logic from there.
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