Discussion of other UK political parties
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By davidjay
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I wish I could be anything other than deeply pessimistic about this entirely predictable development.

I don't think that these former Labour but won't vote for the metropolitan elitists voters will refuse to vote Conservative either - if anything they've become the sort of bigoted working-class Tories that have blighted the political landscape since 1979. Neither will they regard this particular Anschluss as a betrayal of their principles. Nigel is helping Boris to get Brexit done and that's all that matters.
By Bones McCoy
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Dan wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:44 am
He has:

A) "Betrayed" his No Deal-at-all-costs crowd at the first sign of a bit of pressure. They see Johnson's deal, or any deal, as "not Brexit" and it leaves the distinct possibility open that they will withhold any kind of vote now.

B) Not stood aside where the Tories needed him to. Standing aside in seats they won at the last election gives them minimal comfort. It may effect the Lib Dems - possibly. It won't help the Tories win back Labour held marginals which they need to gain a majority. Many of the fabled "traditional Labour voting communities" might not have a love for Labour any more but a visceral hatred of the Tories and will never vote for them.

C) continued from B: Farage has just told these "traditional Labour voting communities" that he is in bed with the Tories and attempting to help them get power. Rather than go from Labour to BXP as the may hope, they may stay with Labour or simply not vote. Likewise, any Tory Remainer or Liberal Tory that was thinking of holding their nose because they dislike Corbyn now know that the Tories are doing deals with Nigel Farage and have abandoned even the pretence that they are anything other than a right wing, nationalist, one-issue party. It may up the amount of Tory non voters and boost the Lib Dems in that way.

I don't think he's thought this through.
I think he's reached the final step of the enterprise.

By The Red Arrow
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Or Darren...
Lovely bit of detail in that blog which reads tragi-comically. Darren is told by a man in a passing van that he's no longer the Epping Forest PPC because he's heard it on the radio:

"After a quick verification online, myself and the three volunteers put the street stand away."
By spoonman
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Nigel Farage tells Eddie Mair he will not refund dropped Brexit Party candidates

https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/ ... ates-mair/

"Hello, is that the Serious Fraud Office? Yes, I'd just wish to tell you about a PLC that has been promising people candidacies in the forthcoming General Election, and one of their directors..."
By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:57 pm
Farage will think up another wheeze to turn over his marks and they'll mostly cough up.
The law of averages says he must be honest this time.

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