Discussion of other UK political parties
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By youngian
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They're not feeling the love Nige

Nigel's business plan options
1. Use candidate leverage to get a clear run on a Tory seat and rejoin the party
2. I'll settle for a peerage
3. Pocket the £300K to set myself up as a pundit in the US
4. A safe DUP seat. Good enough for Enoch.
5. Contribute to spinning Brexit out to finish cleaning up in Brussels.
6. Jungle with Ant and Dec.
By MisterMuncher
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I'm sort of with you, sort of opposed.

It's like internet scams. I feel sorry for the genuinely stupid or ignorant caught up in them. I have absolutely no sympathy for those who got into it to enrich themselves, fuck other people over or for the good old fashioned racism.

By extension, this makes Farage a poorly worded email promising the world but without anything to back it up incarnate. I can live with that.
By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:54 am
I'm not feeling the schadenfreude being heaped on these disgruntled BXP candidates. I don't wish to see anyone stiffed over by that shitty little huckster Farage.
I'm probably a bad person.

What's really amusing me is this image
A bunch of tinpot Mainwarings who imagined they could but their way into the second tier through a bung.
The realisation that they're locked away down in steerage with the rest of us scum is just beginning to dawn.
I can picture them savouring another day of "winning" as they start the day with all bran and the Telegraph.

These are, in general, not nice people.
They've enthusiastically got behind many reactionary causes, and I don't want to see their golden new England come to fruition.

Screw them, and fuck Farage!
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By The Red Arrow
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Yeah, I'm trying hard to be nice about it, but...

Touch of the 'good Germans' about it. Hard to sympathise, however swept up in the madness they found themselves. They took a warning from history and saw it as a blueprint. Are they worthy of forgiveness? Deserving of sympathy? To be welcomed back into the fold of civilised society? Big asks.

Edit: Meanwhile, Jo's a bigger man than me.

Mis-sold a PPC?

By davidjay
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There's not much I can add. This isn't a group of befuddled pensioners being robbed by cowboy builders or wide-eyed innocents conned out of their life savings by get rich quick merchants. These are, on the whole, nasty bigots taken in by a conman in the hope that he could help them become more important in the new Jerusalem. Eighty years ago they'd have been denouncing the little old lady down the street as an enemy of the people while no doubt going to the gallows a few months later convinced that in their case the fuehrer had made an honest mistake.
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