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By Cyclist
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Question: have there been any confirmed sightings of the gurning manfrog since before the general election? As you know, we have the BBC vacuous dribble channel on all day at work, and I don't recall even hearing his name this year, even though he was on just about every day up to late last year.

I'm not saying I miss him, mind.
By Cyclist
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So he's got a radio programme, somewhere where the majority of us will never hear him. Considering the cunt was never off the telly, was the BBC's go-to mouthpiece on every subject under the sun, and was regarded (by the BBC at least) as a major player in UK politics, it's good to hear he's fading into obscurity.

With any luck the wheel nuts will come off his car and we won't have to hear from the fucker ever again.

Oh. Did I say that out loud?
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By The Red Arrow
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No coincidence the accounts for @brexitparty_uk are due August 2020. How much do you bet it will close before the accounts are submitted.

Meanwhile the sort of people Nigel attracts continue to be the sort of people Nigel attracts...

By Kreuzberger
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Did nobody in the production meetings raise an eyebrow over this?

If so, who?
If not, why not?
If anyone was overruled, by whom and with what justification?
Is nobody in possession of a functioning spine?
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