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By MisterMuncher
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oboogie wrote:Fargle has said an investigation will be launched. So, just as every time a Kipper says something racist, the strategy is to deny that what Kippers say is policy. What is never addressed is why these utter cunts are attracted to UKIP in the first place...they clearly believe that their views are in line with party policy.
Policy is kept nebulous for the same reason the EDL has a floating membership: The people at the top have a vague idea the kind of absolute fuckwits they attract and encourage. While they're popular, they're members, but it's nice to be able to instantly hold them at arms length when they revert to type.

Fargle is doubtless quite happy to accept all manner of arseholes into the party simply because he has to do something to sustain the myth they're a rapidly growing force in politics. He just hasn't worked out how to blow his dog-whistle one day, and keep the barking down the next.

(As an aside, the UKIP twitter account's support for the fleg protests in NI fairly died on the vine when some loopers tried to kill a cop by petrol bombing her car. I'm sure it's not directly because of this, it just coincidentally happened at the same time. After all, UKIP wouldn't align itself with such vile behaviour and beliefs. Oh, wait...)
By smod
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Given his views on Islam and immigration, it's worth remembering the report that came out months ago about the Far Right (BNP and UKIP)



http://t.co/eQVtrByf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Ukip is not a rightwing extremist party, but on the doorsteps of voters it is often pushing the same message as the extreme right, and this is reflected in our results. Almost half of the Ukip affiliates in our survey ranked either immigration or Muslims in Britain as the most important issues facing Britain today. Over half (51%) rejected the suggestion that Britain has benefited from diversity. Almost two-fifths (37%) backed the idea of repatriating immigrants back to their country of origin, and irrespective of whether they had broken the law. Over three-fifths (64%) would feel "bothered a lot" by the presence of an Islamic institution in their community, which is over twice the national average (31%). And 85% of them disagreed with the suggestion that Islam does not pose a danger to the west, while the equivalent figure among the BNP group was only three points higher.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree ... -right-bnp" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

His manifesto, on those issues, is hardly a million miles from their supporters views.
By Big Rob
If you were to extend abortion to all the mentally disabled where would UKiP get its support?
By Abernathy
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Well, quelle surprise - Geoffrey Clark's personal UKIP manifesto has mysteriously been removed.

Fortunately my friend Bruce made a copy of the toxic document before it was whisked away:

http://www.brucelawson.co.uk/2012/geoff ... manifesto/

They'll never learn, will they?
By Big Arnold
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Here are some passages from the Koran [Penguin Classics version]:-

WOMEN: 4:24

You are forbidden to take in marriage married women, except captives whom you own as slaves.

WOMEN: 4:25

If any one of you cannot afford to marry a free believing woman, let him marry a slave-girl who is a believer.

WOMEN: 4:34

Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior over the others and because they spend their wealth to maintain them.

What sensible person believes that stupidity today? Anyone who does believe it today must be a scumbag and must be told so. Stop being squeamish about telling scumbags that they are scumbags, just because they happen to be Muslim scumbags.

The Koran is 1300 years old and is in desperate need of updating so men cease to abuse it. You will doubtless agree that the Koran needs to address women as well as men, and a lot of updating is needed. How can such a book be respected – quite aside from being followed? UKIP has a solution. The leaders of the main faiths should get together in 2013 and agree to update all their holy books by 2020 then re-issue them as appropriate for the world in which we live today
By oboogie
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A voter in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire voxpoxed by The World at One:

BBC: What do you think of UKIP?
Voter: I don't know much about them, so I can't really pass judgement.
BBC: But would you ever consider voting for them?
Voter: I did vote for them last time...... I thought I'd give them a go.

....but you said......
....arrggghhh!!! [/faceplam]
By Carlos The Badger
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Just going to borrow that.
By oboogie
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I found this on the Telegraph site today and thought I'd share.
Today 04:52 PM

Let's look at some of the UKIP Policies:

1) Merging 20% income tax with 11% employee's NI to create a flat rate of 31% above £11,500. (i.e. company directors can now pay themselves £11,500 tax free).
2) Abolish higher rate tax bands.
3) Abolition of employer's national insurance contributions (paid for by what?).
4) Shrink the Department Of Health and replace its duties by local County Health Boards. (bring back PCT's as CHB's).
5) No NHS services for foreigners. Foreigners must take out private health insurance cover. (requires ending international healthcare agreements - you would need private health care to go on holiday to Majorca.).
6) No free prescriptions. Minimum £1 charge for every prescription.
7) Remove duplicate health R&D (...but you've just created lots of CHB's so duplication is inevitable).
8) Free dental and eye tests ( err the dentists and opticians want enough money for doing that...so who's paying).
9) Remove EU legislation on SME's (you have to leave the EU and EFTA before you can do that).
10) According to them it costs SME's £120 billion a year to comply with EU regulations or 5.5% of GDP. So they want to remove these. But of course if you want to trade with the EU, most will still apply. (e.g. safe toys for the kiddies).
11) Scrap statutory working hours, holidays, redundancy terms and sickness benefits. Introduce a one on one employment contract.
12) Allow SME's to choose whether they want to offer maternity leave in the employment contract. (women will hate that)
13) Scrap auto-enrollment in pensions and scrap the Pension Protection Fund. (i.e. you could lose your entire pension).
14) Scrap equality and discrimination employment legislation. Remove right to tribunal if sacked within 2 years of employment. (i.e. firms just introduce 2 year employment contracts).
15) Introduce Basic Cash Benefits. (just rebranding)
16) Replace VAT with Local Sales Tax at the same 17.5% but 5% of that going directly to local councils. ( i.e. less distribution of wealth around the country.)
17) Scrap working tax credits.
18) Remove NI exemptions for the self-employed.
19) Scrap Construction Industry Tax Scheme.
20) Scrap IR35.
21) SME tenants given the right remain in their rented premises for 12 months if the landlord raises the rent.
22) Commercial landlords to be made liable for Business Rates.
23) 50% of business rates go to local council (i.e. less distribution across the country).
24) Health & Safety inspectors must have 3 years experience in the industry they inspect.
25) Company directors to be made personally liable for accidents at work.
26) Healthy and safety inspections reported to insurance companies.
27) Smaller food outlets to be allowed to self-regulate their food preparation. (take closer look at your sandwich)
28) Scrap diversity employment regulation. (so if they want all Muslim workers they employ them)
29) Company directors to be made more liable for non-payment of company creditors.
30) Scrap land-fill tax. (Need to win referendum).
31) Stop discriminating between married and non-married couples in the tax system. (no point getting married then)
32) Completely abolish Inheritance Tax. (let the rich kids keep their money)
33) Give BoE control of banks. Raise minimum capital ratios from 4% to 8%.
34) Split retail banking from investment banking. (i.e. retail banks will probably introduce account charges to make their profit).
35) Have a referendum on EU membership. (could lose)
36) Freeze immigration for 5 years ( assume this means no immigration for 5 years, no spouses, no children, no relatives, no foreign nurses, no foreign care workers).
37) Introduce a points based system for immigration.
38) Retain nuclear weapons arsenal. (unlikely the US would supply nuke weapons technology to a stand alone UK).
39) Double prison sentences (have we got the prisons?).
40) Introduce County Police Boards (i.e. local quangos).
41) Support grammar schools.
42) Roll state pension and benefits into Citizen pension. (rebranding)
43) Benefits only for those have been resident in the UK for 5 years. (so if are a Brit returning from abroad you get nothing)
44) End ban on smoking in pubs, clubs and hotels.
45) Hold countrywide referendum on fox hunting. (not much point, we know the result would keep the ban).
46) Cut foreign aid. (that'll go down well in international relations)
47) Shrink public sector back to 1997 numbers by removing one million public sector jobs. (or is it two million)
48) Abolish Ofsted and set up independent Educational Inspectorates.
49) Beyond the three R's, give schools more choice in what they teach. (i.e. leading to cheaper and easier subjects)
50) Spend another 1% of GDP on defence. Expand army to 125,000. Double the TA. Expand the navy to 3 aircraft carriers and 70 other ships. Buy 50 extra JSF Lightning fighter bombers. Cut the size of the MOD bureaucracy. (so just pick weapons based upon how pretty they look)

Phew...I gave up at this point...there are plenty more policies not included in that list.

44) is about the only one that is feasible. Many require the ripping up of hundreds of international agreements with foreign nations. The tax policies don't add up leaving gaping holes in tax revenue. All company directors could avoid income tax and NI all together. All employment contracts would be restricted to two years so firms can hire and fire as they please. Most firms would essentially put an end to maternity leave thus penalising women in the workforce. Wealth would be even more unevenly distributed around the country as more tax revenue is retained locally.

And the big gremlin in the works is if they hold a referendum on EU membership, and the public vote to stay in the EU...ooops.

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By Big Rob
oboogie wrote: 25) Company directors to be made personally liable for accidents at work.
Even the UKip cloud has a teeny silver lining.
oboogie wrote: 29) Company directors to be made more liable for non-payment of company creditors.
Well that is simply doing away with limited liability, or at least the laws surrounding limited liability.

Will they extend that to public limited companies?

Fuck me, if you have a private pension you could end up owing creditors of failed pension funds....
By Big Rob
Oooh what a find.... Nargle Fargle giving an interview with a US Libertarian.....

The Ron Paul of Europe *snicker* ....

By Big Rob
I would love to see America split up and be non-federalist to see how much power it has....

So little time. So much awful argumentation.....
By Big Rob
Fuck me... free speech in the UK is only guaranteed by common law. As the UK has a sovereign parliament it can override free speech.

This is the British way.

The only thing that can override this is the European constitution.... except the UK parliament can override the European constitution...

Sheer stupidity.....
By Big Rob
Oh what a liar... if this doesn't kill UKip....
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