Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Snowflake
Big Arnold wrote:
Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:50 am
Ukip leader Gerard Batten denies reports that he is plotting to install EDL founder Tommy Robinson at head of his party
out in the hills, london, United Kingdom, about 9 hours ago

at last. someone to vote for.
davidjay wrote:What as it someone on here once said about British racists not wanting blood on their own hands?

Pretty much as in the 1930's. Happy enough to lend their tacit support from a safe distance, whilst ensuring there are no personal repercussions when it all goes pear shaped.
By youngian
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Victory hasn't mellowed Kippers

A UKIP member who said he looked after party leader Gerard Batten at a rally called for a campaigner to be beheaded, a BBC investigation has found.

Kenneth Allen said Gina Miller, who campaigned for MPs to vote on Article 50, should have her head cut off and left outside Buckingham Palace.

Mr Allen also called Ms Miller a "cow traitor" in the Facebook. Mr Allen also warned a woman before the EU referendum to "do yourself a big favour and vote out so you don't get raped of (sic) a migrant"

Mr Batten said he "deplored" the posts and Mr Allen was not a member when he made the remarks on Facebook in 2016. ost.

He (Allen) said he looked after Mr Batten when the UKIP leader appeared at a rally in Sunderland in September.

By Big Arnold
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He said the party could only take action if someone lodged a formal complaint, and he hoped the BBC would not try to smear UKIP or himself by means of "guilt by association".
Heaven forbid! Never mind a complaint to UKIP. It's a police matter.
By Bones McCoy
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Things we'd like to see, but never will:

1. Brenda goes on telly and says "Gerald Batten, you are outlawed and banished, you patetic oik!".

2. A troop of Beefeaters* kick his front door down and emerge with his head on a spontoon.

* Yes, I know they self-identify as Yeoman Warders.
* If they weren't striking to safeguard their pensions.
By Big Arnold
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KevS wrote:
Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:24 pm
So when she doesn't do what he asks, will the tool assume she has committed treason against herself?
Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.
By Timbo
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So, if the treaties that took us into the EU are void and treasonous, then surely being a British MEP puts you first up against the wall? :roll:
I'm starting to think these people don't entirely think everything through.
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