Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Abernathy
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Remember Jo Marney? Devoted cocksocket to Henry Whatshisface, who was briefy one of the Kippers' non-Farage leaders. In fact, she was kind of the cause of his downfall, if I recall correctly.

I had formed the impression that she was not playing with a full deck. I think I was right.
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By The Red Arrow
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Well, you see, when your personal lifestyle choices result in this sort of crap, I think it might be wise to STFU for more than a little while...

UKIP girlfriend Jo Marney compares herself to ANNE FRANK in astonishing moan about her fake breakup with Henry Bolton

Jo Marney claims she felt like the schoolgirl - who died in a Nazi concentration camp - because she shut the curtains after writing racial slurs

Updated09:50, 12 AUG 2018

https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/ ... s-13070271
By Bones McCoy
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I'm struggling to find a common thread between the 3 "heroes" aside form all being born into money and affecting a common touch to further their cause.

A mould that fits Yaxley-Lennon-Robinson rather cosily.
By mr angry manchester
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Tommy Robinson. Bloody hell. I don’t know much about him other than he’s a far right turd who attracts lots of attention on Facebook from similar far right turds.

Maybe he has a twatcave at home, with twatmobile and twatcopter, ready to leap into action against the muslamic hordes and their super villain mastermind leaders, or maybe he just sits there, surfing the net in his underpants, eating cheesy wotsits and having the occasional wank?
By Bones McCoy
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:48 pm
Perhaps a little research is in order. He's a bit more dangerous than that.
Owns a tanning salon - says he doesn't like brown people.
By Samanfur
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I think that we can safely drop the 'in suits' but from the description of UKIP as 'the BNP in suits':
UKIP aiming to be 'radical, populist' party

UKIP should become a "radical, populist party" standing up for free speech against the "politically-correct thought police", says its leader.

Its "interim manifesto", unveiled on the eve of its conference, also urges a "clean exit" from the EU.

Leader Gerard Batten said the policies unveiled aimed to help "the people who form the backbone of Britain".
Well, that's not pigeon-chested neo-Nazis, embittered retirees, ex-pats and pub bores complaining that imigrunts're taking all of the benefits and all of the jobs. I'd venture to say it's the people propping up the NHS, cleaning toilets and picking fruit.

But why let the truth get in the way of a good soundbite?
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