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By Watchman
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Cyclist wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:49 am
Neil Hamilton shows the world what a charming person he is:
Greta Thunberg: Neil Hamilton accused of 'personal attack' on child activist

The Children's Commissioner for Wales has criticised a UKIP AM for making a "personal attack" on Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Sally Holland said she was "mortified" by Neil Hamilton's tweet that included a picture mocking the 16-year-old.

Ms Holland has written to him expressing "disappointment" that Mr Hamilton could make an "attack on a child on social media in this manner".

But he said it would be preposterous if Ms Thunberg was immune from criticism...

While I agree she shouldn't be "immune from criticism", I would have hoped a supposed grown-up would have kept his criticism to the message, rather than descending to personal attacks on the messenger.

Then I thought, "A grown-up would, but this is that disgusting shitebag Hamilton".
And a normal functioning grown-up most likely knows the difference between criticism and critique
By spoonman
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Let me see, we have an American President whose surname is British slang for a fart, we have a UK Prime Minister whose surname is American slang for a penis, and now we have a new UKIP leader whose name in nominative determinism top trumps will need something exceptional to be beaten.

Putin's playing a bad joke on the western world, isn't he? :pensive:
By KevS
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I stumbled across a tweet from the dark haired one some months ago where she was pictured in a short skirt waving a couple of Union flags.

As was pointed out by whoever it was who retweeted it, the responses she was getting from the Farage faithful, most of which seemed to be men aged 55 and above, were distinctly unsavoury.
By Boiler
Who? :D

UKIP holds conference amidst row over leader's no-show

UKIP remains relevant and is "needed now like never before", its leader in Wales has insisted ahead of the party's annual conference in Newport.
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