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I think it would be an excellent wheeze to start phoning/emailing the TPA every time a Tory (or other) wastes a huge load of cash on some idiotic scheme or other claiming to be from a news site demanding a quote.
By Kreuzberger
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Exactly. And a thought that has crossed my mind, too.

I'd love to see journalists who are not aligned to the right-wing call up the TPA when yet another of these stories breaks and simply report what was said.

A spokesman for the Tax Payers' Alliance was unavailable for comment.
By new puritan
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TPA cunt says we have high unemployment because of munificent benefits. No mention, naturally, of the fact that most working-age benefits recipients are in work - or that 40% of working families with children received benefits. Judging by the little spiv's profile photo I'd say that he probably doesn't have much experience of unemployment or anything else.

Given that it has often made economic sense for people not to work, we have seen endemic long-term unemployment and an exploding bill – of which the £4bn we will spend on Jobseeker’s Allowance this year is just a small proportion. In a sad indictment of decades of welfare and education policies, across the 2000s, and despite the creation of millions of jobs, 2m people claimed out of work benefits for at least five consecutive years.

Fortunately, with Help to Work (and reforms to make the benefits system simpler), work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has shown he does understand incentives.

http://www.cityam.com/article/139871453 ... -different
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