Discussion of other UK political parties
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Bones McCoy wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:33 pm
It's a common cause of Civil War.

Have a look at the splits in the English Civil War.
Crudely presented as Catholic Monarch Vs Reformation Parliament.

Much of that "Reformation" gang represented an urban trading or industrial base.
Compare with the extensive landowners among the Royalists.

It explains another trajectory of many civil wars.
Early success for the country lads who know how to ride a horse.
Later big win for the urban elites who can secure a supply of powder and shot.

You can see that pattern in Britain with slave trade abolitionists. Liberal non-conformist industrialists and workers in Manchester or East coast MPs like Wilberforce in Hull tended to be abolitionists. Pro slavery MPs were from Liverpool and the West Country. High church Anglicans and Tory Anglo-Catholics with large rural country estates.
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