Discussion of other UK political parties
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Very sorry for your loss, Rationalist.

Very glad of the multi-ethnic staff at the local hospital the other night. I was much more concerned that the anaesthetist was from South Armagh than anyone else's origins, to be honest.
I once had a bed bath given to me by a hairy Spanish man.

As he sponged my genitalia, we chatted about how much he liked living in the UK.

Hospitals, I appreciate, are places of woe and unbearable pain for many (I was so drugged up, and in my own room, that I was basically merrily stuffing chocolate in my gob and reading Virginia Woolf, which is only improved by being a bit high... but I have worked on wards before, and heard and seen the screams and tears, and read things I want to bleach out of my mind forever). To my mind, however, hospitals are phenomenal places of cohesion and unity in the face of horrific adversity.
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A new one round this neck of the woods, the Creativity Movement. They claim to be all sciencey and that, but their core message is that everything worth inventing was invented by white Europeans and that killing anyone different is just evolution and survival of the fittest. Got a leaflet through the door today.
Paper money. Gunpowder. Yoghurt. The aerodynamics of a boomerang. The number 0. Kites. Saki. Kayaks. Moccasins. The Blues. Loads of medicinal bollocks. Curry. Silk. Loads of architechtural bollocks. Tea.
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