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The Tories have succeeded in getting the "little people" arguing amongst themselves, employed v self-employed, while the major tax dodgers, their Corporation mates, get off scot-free as per. Clever. It's just a variation on the attacks on benefits claimants. It's all purposely planned. Divide and conquer. Let's get the peasants fighting against each other to distract them.
By youngian
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bluebellnutter wrote:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03 ... g_share_tw


"It's the pesky Europhiles making us look bad!"

Tory chancellor Osborne warns of cuts and tax rises in the first post Brexit budget.
Tory chancellor Hammond enacts cuts and tax rises in the first post Brexit budget. Mr 'What the fuck were you expecting?' goes up the wal.l
By KevS
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Like I said elsewhere, it's because it's they are now thinking "Fuck. What if those forecasts were right all along? What if Project Fear wasn't that at all and based on actual expert opinion? What if we're wrong?"

And they are terrified
By Andy McDandy
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Dacre and Gallagher will never starve. Littlejohn and Liddle are made for life. Their readers? As long as they're told that it's all someone else's fault, and that they feel relatively OK compared to someone else, they'll lap it up.

Problem is, unless the EU leaders are feeling in remarkably generous mood, there's no reverse. I can see us going back to the early 1960s, demanding entrance to "their club", moaning about the lack of gratitude and wanting a big old slice of that Euro-pie. Meanwhile our new bestest friend across the sea couldn't give a damn. Something something mess of pottage.
By bluebellnutter
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Most journalists and media people are self-employed, hiring themselves out to papers rather than being employed by them in the traditional way. Which might explain the large backlash too, probably not a great idea to hit journalists financially.
By Andy McDandy
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There's a theory (supported by Simon Schama among others) that the tax on paper was what really tipped the 13 colonies into revolt. Great idea, tax paper, the one thing every lawyer, priest, journalist and other opinion former uses daily...
By Messianic Trees
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Tories no longer seen as low-tax party after Philip Hammond's Budget raid – exclusive Telegraph poll
Just one in four voters now regards the Tories as a low-tax party, while almost half of those polled say they trust the Conservatives less as a result of Mr Hammond's Budget. More than half of voters – 55 per cent – say Theresa May should have honoured the party's manifesto pledge not to raise taxes.

Figures on voting intentions are equally worrying for the Prime Minister, with almost half of those questioned saying they are less likely to vote Tory because of the Budget, including one in seven Conservative voters.
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