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By Daley Mayle
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Three more votes for Labour from the Mayle family here in South Pembrokeshire. That's three votes Labour didn't get from the Mayles back in 2010 when there was a LibDem :oops: from me, a Plaid from Mrs M jnr and Tory from Mrs M snr.

Up your arse Simon Hart you red-faced, bucolic pile of shite. Hah!
By Tubby Isaacs
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Rhodri Morgan's caused a bit of a stir by saying Labour lost Cardiff North (and I suppose, by the same logic, Vale of Clwyd and Gower) because people thought they had the luxury of voting Green or Plaid.

Both parties are distinct from Labour, and you can't just add on votes in a crude way. And of course, we should have done electoral reform. But he's probably got a point that there were a few votes that the over-optimistic polls might have taken away from Labour.

I'd like to see some co-operation between Labour and Plaid next time.
By Killer Whale
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You could equally say that we lost Ceredigion because of stubborn Labour voters.

Actually, what I would have liked is for Carwyn, the day after the election, to have told us how he was going to defend Wales against a Westminster government that Wales rejected, rather than the Labour navel-gazing he came out with. He's always said in the past that Wales is his first priority and loyalty (even strongly hinting that this transcended party politics) but there has been little evidence of this over the past few days.

And, yes, it doesn't help that many in Plaid regard Labour as the real enemy (though it's in government, so it should expect an amount of flack) rather than the English establishment that only ever acknowledges our existence when the lawns of Surrey start to brown during a drought and thoughts turn to stealing more of our natural resources.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I agree you can't just add on all the left votes. I think with exceptionally small majorities, the narrow point about polls is well made, but our vote isn't robust enough. Talking about "luxury of voting Plaid" is silly though, which is what I meant when I said he might have caused a stir.

Agree with you about Carwyn. One good thing about him is that he has allowed eg tax raising to protect Wales, and Plaid councillors have actually raised taxes and carried the can for it to protect services. The contrast with the "Westminster, eh?" shrugging from the SNP is stark.

We've got plenty of fools who, because of the language issue or whatever else, dislike Plaid unnecessarily. It would be nice if they could cooperate in a couple of seats. Ceredigion would be ideal. Wonder if a few Labour did vote Plaid already?
By mattomac
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To be honest Leanne Wood attacking Carwyn at any opportunity probably doesn't help things, she even used that Michael Sheen program to make political point scoring when Sheen was asking why people didn't vote. Sheen wasn't asking why people didn't vote Labour he was including Plaid within the question on why people didn't vote or felt disconnected.

And I say that as someone who votes Plaid on the list.
By Messianic Trees
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Leanne Wood wrote:The announcement from the Scottish government today shows that any failure by the UK Government to recognise Scotland's interests could lead to the end of the UK as a state.

In that situation, Wales would need to decide its own future.

A national debate to explore all of the options, including that of an independent Wales, must take place in Wales when that scenario becomes a realistic one.

If the UK government's Brexit negotiation also leads to the Welsh national interest being overlooked, support will grow for greater control of our own affairs in Wales.

Now is a good time for people in Wales to think about what is in our own national interests and how we can best unlock our country's potential in this new constitutional scenario.
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