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Messianic Trees wrote:
Leanne Wood wrote:The announcement from the Scottish government today shows that any failure by the UK Government to recognise Scotland's interests could lead to the end of the UK as a state.

In that situation, Wales would need to decide its own future.

A national debate to explore all of the options, including that of an independent Wales, must take place in Wales when that scenario becomes a realistic one.

If the UK government's Brexit negotiation also leads to the Welsh national interest being overlooked, support will grow for greater control of our own affairs in Wales.

Now is a good time for people in Wales to think about what is in our own national interests and how we can best unlock our country's potential in this new constitutional scenario.
Since Wales voted to leave, doesn't that rather undermine her argument?
By youngian
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BlueKIP round on Leanne for being nasty to Nazis
Leanne Wood 'staggered' by response to her comment on the similarities between Islamic State and white supremacists

Leanne Wood, who is a member of the Welsh Assembly, posted her reaction on Thursday on Twitter, saying: "Ofnadwy/terrible. Is this more far-right terrorism? My thoughts are with all those affected."

She added: "All forms of political violence are the same. USA, Barcelona, everywhere. They are ideology-driven & we have to understand that to stop it."

A Welsh Conservative Assembly member called on Wood to apologise or resign, while UKIP accused her of an "outrageous smear".

Wood said far-right ideologies drove both Islamic State, which has claimed it was behind the attack in Barcelona, and white supremacists.

"I am staggered by the reaction to the point that Isis and white supremacism both have far-right ideologies driving them," Wood said.

"Both see their group as superior to others. Both see people who are not in their group fair targets for abuse, violence and even death.

"Both hate minorities and consider women to be less than men. Both believe in using extreme violence to repress people with different views. This is far right/fascism ideology. How can it not be?

"I can see why this point may upset so many trolls and people who see themselves as being on the far right.

"The comparison links western racists and white supremacists to their number one hate target and shows them as no better than each other.

"Some of the responses to me making this point have crossed a line and so I will be relaxing my no-blocking rule today.

"Events in Barcelona last night were terrifying, yet again.

"While it's important, in my view, to say and keep saying that politics and ideology lie behind these acts of violence, my thoughts are first and foremost with the victims of last night's horror."

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies described Wood's original comments as "unbelievable" and later tweeted: "I'm staggered that she's staggered. Such comments are unacceptable and no faux outrage can reverse this misjudgement." http://thenational.scot/news/15482452.L ... remacists/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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Adam Price has won the Plaid Cymru leadership contest, taking nearly 50 per cent of the vote.

The assembly member for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr defeated Rhun ap Iorwerth and former leader Leanne Wood.

Despite leading the party for six years, Ms Wood was knocked out in the first round of voting after coming last.

In his victory address, Mr Price said: "This election shows we are ready to lead again. Our time has come."

He told party members: "Our message must be simple. Yes, Wales can."

Mr Price, who has vowed to put independence at the core of his party's message, said: "There will be no second class travellers on our journey to a prosperous, self-confident and independent Wales."

"We must become the hope of those without hope."

Mr Price paid tribute to former leader Leanne Wood, saying that as leader "she has inspired thousands with her drive, her resilience and her unending commitment to the causes that she and we hold dear". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-45656718

First heard of Adam Price when he bought parliamentary impeachment procedings against Blair over Iraq. I wish him well and hope they drive UKIP out of Wales after failing miserably to capitalise on the anti-politics vote they way the SNP did instead of the Kippers in Scotland.
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