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By youngian
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We have Alex Salmond to thank for shouting Project Fear as a substitute for answering difficult questions but he did at least have a 700 page document to explain the road to independence. That’s 699 more pages than Brexiters have so Joanna Cherry is right to believe they’ll be the grownups in Indyref2.
By Bones McCoy
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:39 pm
An MP is going after Cineworld for not showing a film about Robert the Bruce.

Oh noes, the Bruce has been no platformed.

As a kid growing up in that London I used to wonder what magical programming the announcer was hiding when he said "Viewers in Scotland have their own programs".
What a disappointment when I settled here, reminded me of Dara O'Breien's comment on alternative medicine.

Meanwhile back at the Fillum.
The thought that kids in Scotland should be denied Toy Story IV (or whatever).
Instead they'll be forced to sit through a (dull / ahistoric / not funny) biopic.
Because it's good for them, it'll build their self esteem.
Ad they'd better like it.
By Big Arnold
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Torcuil Lamont examines what it is to be a Gael in the 21st century, in his own inimitable style. In this episode, Torcuil's Guide takes us on a culinary tour of Gaelic delicacies. He tries out a black pudding taste off, as well as interviewing a Gaelic/Scots fusion chef with some crazy ideas on using the best and worst of Gaelic ingredients.
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