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By Tubby Isaacs
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Natalie Bennett again. A staunch opponent of HS2, she moans about her train being "slow". It might have been for part of the journey, but it gets up to 125 mph. Also complains about it being "empty". See those seat reservations? My guess is that lots of people are getting on at the next big city stop. This clapped out old train is being replaced, but alas no room to mention that. No response to the experts who show and explain how stuff works to her.

She also retweets some "it only costs £15 to fly to Denmark" stuff.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Good job the train was slow. Faster trains would SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF THE NORTH.

Her idea of a train is one that starts at her station, fills up, and goes non stop to where she wants to get off. Not an unknown attitude for politicians, but the Greens are supposed to be better than that.
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By Boiler
They just don't... get it, do they?

Fine. Let's not build HS2. Where's all the fucking freight gonna go? Electric lorries, which will need more motorways?

(and I note a name on that thread I know from another forum.)
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