Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Messianic Trees
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Figured we might need a new thread for this. The Telegraph reports:

'Thousands of Tory party members' to defect to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party as it gets official approval
Thousands of Conservative members are likely to defect to a new Brexit party which was today officially recognised by the electoral regulator, its backers claim.

The Electoral Commission on Friday formally recognised the Brexit Party as an official organisation which will allow it to field candidates at elections.

Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader who is supporting the party, said "the engine is running" and he stood "ready for battle" to fight the Tories and Labour of the European Parliament elections are held.
And from the Electoral Commission's list of Changes to the registers of political parties made since 27 January 2019
Primary name: The Brexit Party
Register: Great Britain
Status: Authorised
Date registered: 05/02/2019
Date last change to primary change authorised by EC: 05/02/2019 Financial year end: 31/12
Fielding candidates in England: Yes
Fielding candidates in Scotland: Yes
Fielding candidates in Wales: Yes
Fielding candidates in Europe: Yes
Is exempt from parliamentary election returns? No Is exempt from quarterly donation returns? No
Is exempt from quarterly transaction returns? No

Address: Annapurna, Church farm barns, Lingwood, Lingwood Road,
Lingwood, Norfolk, NR13 4FD

 Leader: Catherine Blaiklock
 Nominating officer: John Shakespeare
 Treasurer: Catherine Blaiklock
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By Timbo
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Fantastic news. Now we just need an opposition capable of organising a piss-up in a brewery and we can have another 13-year stretch of social and economic progress. Oh, right...
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I think that should read 'if' they are held, ie during an extension to article 50. Though what material difference it would make to Brexit I fail to see.
By Bones McCoy
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:23 pm
What a wonderful little earner that would be. A few months more as an MEP, all those fees from countless media appearances and we're looking at a million right there.
Those German passports for his kids won't pay for themselves.
By Biggus Robbus
cycloon wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:10 pm
What do they stand for, then?
Here's a guess.

"The Brexit Party will stand for "real" people, because people who voted remain are not "real" people, who will go up against the elite/political class/establishment/left wing media/lefty liberals to deliver a "real" Brexit.

The Brexit Party will be the only party that can speak for the "real" people. "
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