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Andy McDandy wrote:
Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:08 pm
Back in 1991, various people said that the surest way to avoid the gulf war would be to assassinate George Bush. Because then you'd have Dan Quayle running the show, trying to keep Israel and Saudi Arabia from blowing each other up.
"Some gang that ran smack in Viet Nam
Ain't got no reason to fear
Just get a Vice President so dumb
The crook at the top never gets impeached"
By Winegums
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Welp, I see the CUKTIG solidarity lasted about ten minutes. This is less graceful than when Gapsey cropped Umunna out of his twitter banner :lol: :lol:
Winegums wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:34 am
e: haha, someone has seriously word replaced every single permutation of cúk, cúktig, cúcks etc? That's some dedication to protecting the sanctity of this group...

Were you under the impression this is a good place to be spewing out Alt-Right language?
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By Winegums
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https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... emy-corbyn

Gavin Shucker's written a thing for the Guardian.
It feels like some time ago, but for one short period back in the spring, it looked as though the formation of the Independent Group might just catalyse the unravelling of both parties of government. As one of the key instigators of the plan, I can tell you there was only one real metric of success that first week: could we get to the end of it without becoming a punchline?
:lol: :lol: :lol:
"After last week’s revelations, you know everything you now need to about your leader. He isn’t going to change: the shutting down of democratic processes and debate; his instincts on national security; the vacuum of leadership on Brexit; the stain of anti-Jewish racism and his lack of interest in getting a grip. Truthfully, all this was visible the last time you passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership by a margin of four-to-one.

Only two things have changed: his grip on the machinery of the party (insurmountably tighter) and his proximity to Downing Street (undeniably closer). The final foxhole that the moderate Labour MP will sink themselves into is “he’s unelectable, so it doesn’t matter”. Even if this were the case, it should matter. But I think that assessment is also catastrophically wrong. This was the prevailing wisdom last time around, before Labour went on to gain seats and deny the Tories a majority.
It is however good to see that he's admitting Corbyn is going to smash a GE and THAT IS BAD FOR CENTRISTS EVERYWHERE.
Corbyn certainly isn't going to "smash" the next general election, or any election, for two reasons :

1. The constituency that enabled him to avoid a hiding at the 2017 snap election won't trust him again, and have abandoned him.

2. He is a shitty little Brexit fantasist whose poll ratings as a PM are still through the floor.
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If you want Brexit, why would you back Corbyn over Boris? Boris is more likely to actually do it.

If you don't want Brexit, why would you back Corbyn over the Lib Dems / Greens / SNP / PC? Last time they were told their votes were pro-Brexit.
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Corbyn, if he is lucky, might limp home as the leader of the biggest party in a coalition or as the head of a minority govt. with a confidence and supply deal. To get either of those, Brexit is out the window. And as he supports Brexit, he probably is as well.

His personal support is lower than the last GE. The Labour party’s stock is MUCH lower. And he favours a policy Labour supporters largely loathe m. He’ll also be facing a new Tory leader enjoying a novelty bounce, and who is unlikely to run a campaign as bad as May did. If the Brexit party don’t stand candidates in constituencies where the Tories field no deal headbangers, so no votes are split, he is absolutely fucked and utterly reliant on strong turnout for other parties.

The absolute absurdity of anyone thinking he’d smash it would be funny were it not for the fact it’s those same idiots who keep him in a job and reduce the chances of the Labour govt. they claim to want so very much.
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:40 pm
He’ll also be facing a new Tory leader enjoying a novelty bounce.
I don't think that there will be that much of a novelty bounce, I don't think people will trust him with being PM. Most floating voters won't and No Dealers will be off to BXP, and non-swivel-eye Tories are likely to be off to the LibDems.
If he was PM instead of May after the referendum, I think there would have been a bounce as his 'ledge' status was intact with more people, but people are now seeing for the chancer he his.
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Yeah, but that's going to cover a lot of people who wouldn't vote Tory anyway. It might not be as big of a bounce, but once he's in and makes a few oh-so funny speeches it'll bring the boorish twats out of the woodwork.

Corbyn looked like a ball of fire next to May's amazing impression of a malfunctioning android made of solid oak. Next to Johnson, Corbyn's going to look like May only with a beard.
By youngian
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randomelement wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:31 pm
If he was PM instead of May after the referendum, I think there would have been a bounce as his 'ledge' status was intact with more people, but people are now seeing for the chancer he his.
I’m happily surprised to agree as it goes against the populist zeitgeist. I see him creeping into the conversations of non-political people who now detest him but would have once been low hanging fruit for the ‘good ol’ Boris’ schtick. His approval ratings are slightly lower than May’s and not much above Corbyn. That’s balloon on a stick territory.
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