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By Abernathy
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AKA "Doris Karloff" (c. Daily Mirror), a former Tory prisons minister notorious for insisting that pregnant female prisoners should give birth while shackled to the delivery room bed, a virulent homophobe, anti-abortion speaker, climate change denier, advocate for homeopathy, advocate for capital punishment, and a pious C of E member who nevertheless was prepared to jump ship to the Roman Catholic church when the C of E took the entirely reasonable decision to ordain non-male priests, she retired from parliament at the general election of 2010.

She then embarked on a secondary career as a sort of cuddly old nutter, appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and a host of other "celeb" themed reality shlock programmes including Celebrity Big Brother, published a series of inexplicably if modestly popular novels, and even appeared in panto.

Now, at the age of 71, she has reverted to her hateful political persona, being elected to the European parliament on Farage's Brexit party ticket, and renewing her disgusting attacks on LGBT people.

She is anything but the cuddly old eccentric that she has projected as her public image. An image which has - in my view absolutely bewilderingly - endeared her somewhat to the great British public, whose appetite for bread & circuses appears undiminished by harsh reality.

At the very least, she is a curiousity.

Discussion, guys?
By Abernathy
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Boiler wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:18 pm
Just a small point, Abers - can you correct the spelling of her first name, please? It's Ann without an 'e' - the sight of that harridan having her name spelt the same as my late wife is distressing.
I think it needs a mod to correct a topic title, but yes of course, happy to have that correction made.

OI! Mod!

Oh my, that is joyous.... :) :) :) :) :)

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