Discussion of other UK political parties
By Tubby Isaacs
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Have you got these running in your seat? We have.
The Social Democratic Party (SDP) is delighted to announce that it is standing 20 candidates in the 2019 General Election. It’s the SDP’s largest field of candidates since 1987 and reflects the party’s strong resurgence in recent years. The SDP has candidates throughout the country but the party is specifically targeting its efforts in Labour strongholds like Jarrow, Leeds Central, Tottenham, Neath and Cynon Valley. Traditional Labour voters will find the SDP’s clear pro-Brexit, Social Market approach very attractive combined with its strong commitment to Railway Nationalisation, fighting crime and new Council House building.
The "strong resurgence in recent years" seems to consist of attracting Patrick O'Flynn from the wreckage of UKIP, and putting him up in the Peterborough By-Election where he got 135 votes.

I note that 20 times £500 is £10,000.
By youngian
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A bunch of social reactionaries with some left leaning economics is the supposed centre of gravity that the Tories and Labour Leavers are heading to. Its an electoral alliance doomed to failure as Tories and Kippers in Middle England aren’t going to pay diddly squit to keep fellow Brexiters from Scunthorpe in subsidised jobs. A socially liberal Tory Remainer like Osborne who offers to slash public spending to cut their tax bill will woo them away in no time.
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