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By mr angry manchester
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I might be way off the mark here but I have started to wonder if he might quit. He is used to just getting his own way all the time, but being president is not the same as being CEO of the Trump empire and he might throw his toys out of the pram when he realises that he's not an all powerful dictator after all. He will then blame the Liberal/lefty/media/whoever for stoppi9ng him.

After all, he would probably much rather be on the golf course, or dining at his club, or groping secretaries, surely?
By bluebellnutter
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Fozzy wrote:That survey is incredible. I've rarely seen so many "Have you stopped beating your wife?" type questions gathered together in one place. I hope we're all repeatedly helping Mr T with his survey.
Can someone post a direct link to the survey? The Daily Mail website is still blocked by our internal servers (LOL).
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