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By Kreuzberger
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If this guy did do it, he has blind-sided everyone apart from a beautifully talented cop or two.

I think that we all presumed that there was an ideological aspect to this case, whether from Islamist or hard right quarters. But 50 dead as a stock manipulation scam? Fuck me, that is one sick puppy.
By mattomac
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To be fair the police had somewhat doubted it after a couple of days.

But of course Trump had made his statement, a million of idiots had stuck their cap's lock into full mode and the journalists of our fine "free press" had thought out in the open, when in fact they should have kept to thinking on the toilet.
By Kreuzberger
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Nice to see this story getting an airing on the wider stage.

This whole "policing by the people for the people" malarky doesn't exist in Germany. The cops are an organ of the state rather than the community and therein lies the difference.

It doesn't stop us having a good laugh at two battalions be kicked off the coming G8 detail for pissing in the street (the horror!), mad shagging and at least one "Bullette" taking it upon herself to bestride a table and do a strip dance with her service weapon.

The main justification for this behaviour seems to be that "boys will be boys", (and girls, presumably), and that they didn't have a telly in their quarters. Personally, if I had to watch more than a half hour, of German TV, I would be up on that table with my own service weapon. Or something.


By Kreuzberger
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Daley Mayle wrote:
“Yes, we partied,” the Berlin police acknowledged in a statement on Facebook on Wednesday. “They drank, danced, pissed and, yes, apparently also bonked, as our press officer put it so well,” the police statement said.
Do Germans really use the word 'bonk'?
"Bumsen", literally "to bump". So, yes...
By Kreuzberger
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Appalling scenes coming from Hamburg throughout the evening of legitimate and correctly registered protests being broken up by, what can only be described as, paramilitary force.

The anti G20 demo was stopped after just a few hundred meters with a shocking display of water cannon, tear gas and seemingly out of control cops beating everything and everyone in sight.

Current estimates, unconfirmed, suggest that 74 police have been hurt of whom some 14 have been "badly" injured in this clearly unconstitutional action from which, as happens all the time, "lessons will be learned".
By Kreuzberger
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First exits are in;

Prognose 18 Uhr (ARD)
CDU/CSU: 32,5 %
SPD: 20 %
Linke: 9 %
Grüne: 9,5 %
FDP: 10,5 %
AfD: 13,5 %
andere: 5 %

Notable, of course, is the AfD vote that has come in some 30% higher than opinion polls. Much talk of "earthquakes" and "tectonic shifts", especially as the SPD is coming in some 10% (or two to three points) less than expected.

Any of these numbers could shift by +/-1 as the evening progresses.

A Jamaica coalition looks to be on while the AfD ramp up the hot air and land themselves, as individuals, in front of the Constitutional Courts. Hardly an "earthquake".

Kreuzette is happy with 9,5%. She has campaigned hard in the last 12 months and, at one stage, feared that the Green vote could drop below the critical 5% level.

EDIT: 100k interviews and AfD 60% of voters are saying that they voted for them because they are "disappointed by other parties"
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