Political talk from outside of the UK
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By bluebellnutter
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:54 am
Also note how he tried to do this aggressive 'pull towards me' handshake again but it looks like Kim had been briefed on that!
I spotted that. It also looked like he'd been told not to do it and had to suddenly remind himself to stop halfway through.
By Daley Mayle
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Trump also tried the alpha male thang of patting Kim's arm or holding the man's arm to physically steer him around to show paternal superiority. Kim did it straight back at Trump to lead him away. At least Trump didn'ttry picking bits of dandruff off Kim's suit like he did with Macron.
By Boiler
Another day, another story:

New York sues Trump Foundation, alleging 'extensive' lawbreaking
In a statement, Ms Underwood said Mr Trump had illegally instructed the foundation to provide support to his presidential campaign by using the foundation's name and funds it raised to promote the campaign.
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