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Waterstones wrote:If you don't like the GOP Mailwatch have them shot because that's what you want.

Actually, given the GOPs links with the NRA and the amount of mildly to obscenely unhinged "freedurm" lovers it attracts, I'm pretty sure it's a lot of them who'd like to shoot everyone else.
No. You came across as a dumb adolescent. Where was there any nerve touching?
You aren't even an interesting troll. Come back when you leave school.
Fine I am fucking off I am going to love it when France becomes the next Greece What are you going to then Malcolm? and By the way your generation where a bunch of fucking free-for all bunch of cunts. 8)
France becoming the new Greece. The old Greece is going to become the new Luxemburg.
Witness the "M0AR GUNS!!11111!!!" nut butting into this asinine, victim-blaming comment:

Yes, sometimes you miss the signs that someone's not what you think they are - but it's not always easy to get out once you're in.

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that any woman who voluntarily works for Fox must have some serious self-loathing issues - it's the only way I can think that they'd be able to stay in.

Then again, I'd like to see the correlation between Fox News anchors and God-fearing women who've been taught that Republican Jesus wants them to sit down, shut up and make their husbands dinner.

And when guns get involved, you get cases like this.

The version of this ruling I saw at the time said that not only were her movements not consistent with someone in fear of their safety, but so was the warning shot. Apparently, she should've shot at him rather than the wall if she was scared.

(Yes, this is why Zimmerman got to not even get dragged into the police station.)

So there you have it, ladies - mercy and not wanting blood on your own hands mean that you're doing it wrong.
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Abernathy wrote:Mexico has put its name down to be the new Hawaii.

I thought Mexico was the new Mexico

Now I am confused!

And is the old Greece or the new Greece where the bunch of fucking is?
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