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By Big Rob
Waterstones wrote:Hit a nerve did I?

I don't know. Did you not feel that hammer when you swung it in your face?

You are still making the others' points for them.
The new, sanitised Republican Party, everyone:

The organizations that advocate for disabled people and veterans were mortified when a number of Republican senators changed their stance at the last minute and abandoned their commitments to support a global treaty to expand the rights of people with disabilities, which failed in the Senate Tuesday.

After months of diligent lobbying, these organizations were confident they had the support of several GOP senators who ended up opposing ratification of the U.N. Treaty on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

But GOP offices were flooded in the days leading up to the vote by calls from supporters of several rightwing groups, including Rick Santorum's Patriot PAC, the Family Research Council, and the advocacy arm of the Heritage Foundation.

In the end, the Senate voted 61-38, five votes short of the 66 needed to ratify the treaty.

http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts ... y_reversal
By Big Rob
Rick Santorum's fans oppose all abortion and yet don't agree with equal rights for disabled people. (No question mark on this phone that I can find)

Mind you Santorum and his mob would qualify for being mentally disabled.
I see John McCain voted Yes. No doubt that shows he isn't a proper conservative.

Some mentioned here- eg Kay Bailey Hutchinson- are retiring. Hope this gets put to the vote with the new people. Should be OK.
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