Political talk from outside of the UK
By The Red Arrow
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Better version, showing nazi prick out for the count...



Yeah, it's acceptable.
By MisterMuncher
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That's a cracking dig. He'll feel that in the morning.

And yes. Acceptable always. Endorsement of Naziism is inextricably linked to the threat of violence. Call it pre-emptive self defence.
By D.C. Harrison
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Boiler wrote:Hmmm. Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable with this then? Because I do: can't explain why, but I do.
No, me too.
By Abernathy
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Indeed. A nazi. What was that quotation aboutacquainting a Nazi's skull with the paving ?
By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Nah. It's a Nazi.
"It's a Nazi."

Do we not frequently deride and attack the Right for de-humanising those they consider their enemy - and isn't that what you've just done there? Yes yes, I know he's a particularly low form of life (I refrain from using the word 'intelligent') but nonetheless...
By Malcolm Armsteen
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It's a Nazi. Niot just a fascist. Usual rules do not apply.

My friend Erik Schwartz launched his new book this weekend. None of his Austrian family were there. You can guess why. That's why Nazis deserve whatever they get.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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If you feel you need to. However, in both cases consequences may apply.

But are there any organised groups marching for a return to 5 year plans and gulags? Or insulting people on trains and threatening them?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I can understand why some wouldn't feel comfortable with it. It isn't nice, as such, seeing somebody get sparked out from being punched hard in the face. Especially in the flesh.

But...it IS a Nazi. That isn't Malcolm being glib, it's a game changer. What he represents can't be talked over in a mature and reasoned manner. Plus, he is looking for a reaction and is deliberately trying to get people riled up. Some things can't be let go on the basis of 'being the bigger person'. They need to be challenged and somebody who promotes Nazism is not going to listen to words.

This fella gives his opinion on it quite well:

https://twitter.com/studentactivism/sta ... 9602745344
By D.C. Harrison
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Is anything actually known about the guy who gets lamped? Any chance he's mentally ill? I'd have thought anyone who wanders round with a swastika armband must surely have issues of some kind...
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