Political talk from outside of the UK
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By spoonman
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First read about the TWP/Heimbach love triangle/square about a year ago, still no less funny seeing it now as I did back then.

Still, that story isn't IMHO any more morally repulsive that sleeping with a pornographic actress while your (third) wife is at home looking after your newly born first child together* and then paying said actress US$130k to keep quiet about it, or that you won't publicly admit to how many children you've fathered whilst getting your mates in high places to cover up a story of **alleged** domestic abuse, or leading a prominent regional political party that holds strong views concerning the sanctity of marriage whom gets into a two year affair with their personal dri...<redacted under legal threats>

* I remember compiling a list a couple of years or so back explaining that the Trump's were America's richest "White Trash" family, I'll have a nosey to look for it.

EDIT: Found it!
Leave aside just actually how much money he has, which while not fully sure we can safely say is more than at least 99.9% other white trash (even though being poor doesn't make a person white thrash itself, nor being rich makes you immune - white trash is more a state of mind than anything else IMO), the mannerisms and stereotypes that are linked to white trash lifestyle and The World of Donald Trump are eerie...

A trophy wife (his third one)
A dysfunctional family
Tacky decor, (in Trump tower, gold everywhere)
Worships money (can be before or after Jesus)
Loose morals (no introduction needed)
Lack of manners
Willing to stab friends and associates in the back (the White House revolving door)
Going out of their way to be offensive and crude (Twitter, c'mon!)
A sense of privilege without really having ever earned it
Issues involving daddy
Loves pro-wrestling
Regards a KFC Bargain Bucket as dinner
Unusual attraction to close relatives (Ivanka, take note)
Unusual attraction to farmyard animals (no evidence but we can't rule it out)
Takes pride in their ignorance
Has an ego the size of Jupiter
Always the victim, never the perpetrator
Never admits to being wrong, never to blame
Someone wearing a Nazi tattoo is a "good person"
Higher than average risk of illegal drug taking (sniff, sniff)
Gets their world view from F*x News
Dubious hairstyles
Doesn't seem to care what their children are really getting up to
Affinity with Confederate flags
Sun tan or fake tan
Don't like Mexicans, but they're fine when washing your car/building your tower
You think you're loved by every one of your co-workers
Misogyny rules!
By mr angry manchester
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That Alex Jones is just utterly and completely barking mad. I used to watch a programme called Homeland and the third series had an insane far right radio show loon on called O Keefe, who must have been based on him.
By Bones McCoy
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Boiler wrote:
Tue Dec 31, 2019 7:18 pm
Can someone here give me a hand? My arse fell off whilst laughing and it's very difficult to refit on your own :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

In a national system so keen on 7 or 8 figure "punitive damages" Jones of about $4,000 down for each family he badmouthed.
By Boiler
The Death Cult continues.


Please explain to me why anyone needs a .50 calibre rifle, or indeed buying only one gun a month is an infringement of your civil liberties. Watching them on the BBC tellybox, there's a lot of mouth-breathers out there.
By Cyclist
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How on earth does a black man get hold of money? Must be something dodgy going on...
Detroit bank calls police on black man depositing cheque

A US man is suing a bank in Detroit after employees called the police when he tried to deposit cheques at their branch.

Sauntore Thomas had attempted to put in money he had won after settling a racial discrimination lawsuit against his former employer.

But the bank allegedly said they would have to verify the cheques. As Mr Thomas waited, the police arrived.

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