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By Samanfur
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Armed 70-year-old tried to steal helicopter so he could fly to a hospital and free quarantined coronavirus patients

Police in Michigan have arrested an armed 70-year-old man who allegedly plotted to steal a US Coast Guard helicopter and rescue hospitalised coronavirus patients.

Jesse T McFadden, from Omer, Michigan, was charged with four felonies following the series of events that started around 8am on Sunday morning.

Mr McFadden allegedly threatened to shoot Arenac County dispatchers and place them into “quarantine” during a phone call at 7.58am, said Hampton Township Police Lt Michael Wedding.

McFadden told dispatchers that he would shoot-up a police station and head to a hospital in Standish, Michigan, so he could shoot out the power and demand keys to ambulances.

He “wanted to disrupt the power to the hospital, unlock the doors, and release patients under COVID-19 quarantine”, read a court document on the case.

Police alleged that the 70-year-old also planned to steal a helicopter or boat from the US Coast Guard Station Saginaw River at Essexville.

McFadden arrived later at the coast guard station at 10.37am, and could be seen in surveillance cameras stationed outside the security gate.

“He was trying to punch in the code and then he had called them and made threats he was going to ram the gate,” said Lt Wedding.

Arenac County Central Dispatch warned police about Mr McFadden’s motives, with concerns that he was an ex-Michigan Militia member armed with guns.
Investigators said authorities found a loaded shotgun on the passenger seat of Mr McFadden’s SUV.
By Samanfur
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America, 2020. Presumably, if the reporter'd been a white man storming a government building with a gun, his First Amendment rights would've applied, and everything would've been fine.

His white colleague with another crew, a couple of streets away, reports that the police have been nothing but co-operative and respectful.

Based on what the police think is acceptable on camera, I dread to think what they do when they're not being watched.
By mr angry manchester
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Apart from obvious shit holes like Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq etc, the USA is pretty much bottom of the list of places I would emigrate to. That bill to the covid survivor is obscene. Should just send it back with "can't pay, won't pay, fuck you bitch" written across it in red pen
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By Boiler
WTF? wrote:
Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:07 pm
What an absolute shitehole that place is :evil:

Top Tip, comrades: never set foot in a country where the people call the police "sir".
Chrissakes, I discovered last year it's perfectly possible to have a chat with the CRS - something I'd never do with a Yank cop.

Many years ago, in that ill-advised foray into Afghanistan there was a newspaper article comparing the presence of the Brits and the Septics in that country. Whilst the Yanks stood still brandishing their assault rifles and hiding behind mirrored sunglasses, the Brits got a football out and had a kick-around with the local kids. Similarly, the elders viewed the Humvees as intimidating, but Land Rovers as "friendly".
By Boiler
I suspect if I was lobbing pavé at any French copper whilst wearing a yellow vest they'd be civil.

The time I got chatting to this guy was whilst they were policing a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris.
https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/pa ... jerusalem/
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A few days ago, NY police "sources" reportedly said that the Rolex store had been stripped bare during looting. However, there were no watches on the premises to begin with- they had been moved out during lockdown, as was pointed out by Rolex. Also, the figure $2.4m was cited as the total cost of the watches, this was then used in various reports. The police "source" would hardly quote an estimate, so someone somewhere has fabricated (I wouldnt even call it embellishment) this story which then got accepted by lots of media outlets as truth without any attempt at verification. The only element of truth in the whole matter was that a few windows got smashed that evening, that's the only thing Rolex said happened.
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