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By new puritan
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The Abbott government is just how I imagine being governed by UKIP would be like. As unpleasant as the last Ashes series was, I wouldn't wish that on them.
“Our country is unimaginable without foreign investment.”

“I guess our country owes its existence to a form of foreign investment by the British government in the then unsettled or, um, scarcely-settled, Great South Land,” he said.
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By shyamz
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:People in the Cabinet there talk the same shit that our backbenchers do.

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Andrews endorsed moving young unemployed people onto income management schemes, giving them welfare in the form of debit cards that could only be used in certain places.

“We would say, you can have a debit card that precludes certain expenditure. It could, for example, preclude expenditure on alcohol. You get a card, go to the bottle shop and they say ‘sorry, transaction declined’,” he said on Network Ten’s Bolt Report on Sunday morning.
You know what? My mate on the dole gets my shopping on his card. I buy his beer.
Make a card that can block alcohol purchases, and it would be perfectly possible to block other purchases.

What would start as a way of furthering the demonizing of benefit claimants could easily backfire on those who see it as a great idea...your bank requires your date of birth when setting up an account...and in most cases your gender.

How long before the government in Australia or any land that takes up the scheme realises that it can be used to prevent people buying certain books they dislike, or from donating to charities or support groups that they do not agree with? It's tinfoil hat stuff sure, but the technology is there - it's just waiting to be used.
By new puritan
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Total madness. Their Tories are more deranged than ours. Though ours can and no doubt will catch up soon enough.
The changes are as follows:

1. An unemployed person under the age of 30 now has to wait six months before they can receive unemployment benefits. Income support payments are no longer that. We now have a government that thinks it is appropriate to deprive people in a fragile state of any income, when they have infinite capacity to provide that support (being the currency-issuer). We know that mental stress peaks when someone loses their job.

2. While waiting for the income support, the person will be required to apply for at least 40 jobs a month (and keep detailed written records of this). They will receive no income support though.

3. They will have to attend a monthly meeting with a privatised employment service and produce evidence of their job search endeavour (including the documentation of applications, etc).

4. If they fail to do this they will be penalised. Their non-income period will be extended for 4 weeks for every infraction.

5. Once they reach the six month period, their pitifully low income support payment will begin but they will be required to work for 25 hours a week in return.
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By D.C. Harrison
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new puritan wrote:Total madness. Their Tories are more deranged than ours. Though ours can and no doubt will catch up soon enough.
Duncan Smith will be on a fact-finding mission before you know it.

"I like, but we can go further..."
By youngian
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new puritan wrote:The Abbott government is just how I imagine being governed by UKIP would be like.
That's just your opinion, oh hang on;

"In the last couple of years when I was prime minister I was regarding him (Tony Abbot) as a sort of resident nutter"- Paul Keating

By new puritan
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Chilling effect of Leveson.
Australian journalists could face prosecution and jail for reporting Snowden-style revelations about certain spy operations, in an “outrageous” expansion of the government’s national security powers, leading criminal lawyers have warned.

A bill presented to parliament on Wednesday by the attorney general, George Brandis, would expand the powers of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (Asio), including creation of a new offence punishable by five years in jail for “any person” who disclosed information relating to “special intelligence operations”.

The person would be liable for a 10-year term if the disclosure would “endanger the health or safety of any person or prejudice the effective conduct of a special intelligence operation”.

Special intelligence operations are a new type of operation in which intelligence officers receive immunity from liability or prosecution where they may need to engage in conduct that would be otherwise unlawful.
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By Kreuzberger
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The right doing their best to prove again that they haven't the faintest idea how media work.

At this rate, there will be a burgeoning sector in offshore publishing havens.
By The Red Arrow
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WTF? :shock:

Compulsory voting for Sydney businesses makes a mockery of democracy
The new move by the NSW state government to give votes to businesses is outrageous: why should any business have a single vote in any election?

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By The Red Arrow
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Kiss the 'fair go' goodbye: Tony Abbott gives individualism absolute priority
The government is attempting to spark a shift in our national culture – but Australians cannot and won’t be convinced to care less for each other.
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