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By Andy McDandy
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It was the gulf war. The American military considered one of the key causes of collapse in support at home for Vietnam was the reporting of the war. Journalists went where they liked, photographed what they liked, spoke to who they liked. Hence in the gulf, reporters were very carefully shepherded.

And at the end of the day a reporter has to file copy. If all they've got to pad out an article is a load of technical jargon and verbal spunk.from some press relations officer, that's what they'll work with. Besides, plays well with the armchair warriors at home.
By Philip Marlow
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More bloody awful news.

Surprise Isis attacks leave more than 200 dead in south-west Syria
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/ ... are_btn_fb
“They attacked homes in a coordinated attack. They knocked on doors, and then entered the homes and killed people in there,” said Ahed Mrad, a journalist from Sweida. “A lot of victims fell before any bullet was fired because they were going into the homes and slaughtering people silently, at dawn, without anyone being aware.”
By The Weeping Angel
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Keith Allen proves that once and for all he is a massive cunt.

https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/ ... re_twitter
Keith Allen is supporting a crowdfunding appeal that claims the BBC may have faked the aftermath of an incendiary airstrike on a school in Syria in 2013.

The actor, who is the father of singer Lily Allen, has fronted a promotional video that seeks to raise £70,000 to fund a documentary based on the claims of an amateur investigator called Robert Stuart.

Stuart says he has spent nearly six years compiling “a mountain of evidence” that shows the BBC’s footage was “faked”. He claims the national broadcaster worked “cheek by jowl with Isis” to produce the Panorama documentary, which was broadcast in September 2013.

In the promotional video on Indiegogo, which was launched last month and has so far raised around £7,500, Allen says: “The BBC, good old aunty. You can trust the BBC – or can you?”

He continues: “Did the BBC collude with interested intelligence agencies and proscribed terrorist organisations to stage an atrocity that would be filmed and then broadcast with a view to influence public opinion about going to war in Syria?”
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