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By Big Arnold
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One of today's papers reported a theory that they were just doing a ground recon, and that someone else applied the Novichok. Which doesn't explain the traces of it in their hotel room. Although I don't understand why a purpose built perfume bottle left traces.
By The Weeping Angel
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Don't be surprised if Putin uses this as an excuse to annex the rest of Ukraine.

At least 17 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in an attack at a college in Russian-annexed Crimea.

Officials initially said an "unidentified explosive device" detonated, but now say all the victims died of gunshot wounds at the technical college in Kerch.

Russian investigators said an 18-year-old student was responsible for the attack and that he had killed himself.

He has been identified as Vladislav Roslyakov.

Roslyakov is believed to have opened fire on those inside the building.

The incident had initially been described as a "terrorist act", but Russia's investigative committee has now reclassified it as "mass murder".

National guard units were sent to the scene.

A local official said most of the victims were students of the technical college, which is a vocational school for 850 teenagers.

Victims have been taken to hospital, and a major emergency response operation launched.

Four military planes were ready to evacuate the wounded and military hospital facilities were ready to accept victims if necessary, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said.
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